Javed Ali’s romantic single ‘Pehli Baar’, produced by T-Series is out now!

Known for his soulful voice that gave us many chartbusters, Javed Ali is now out with his latest single ‘Pehli Baar’ produced by T-Series. The romantic track penned by Kumaar and composed by Rochak Kohli takes the audiences through a story of love and discovery set against the beautiful backdrop of snow clad mountains.

Javed Ali’s romantic single 'Pehli Baar', produced by T-Series is out now!

Featuring actors Abhishek Singh and Deeksha Kaushal, ‘Pehli Baar’ is directed by Sartaj Singh Pannu and is a beautiful love ballad that captures the essence of love and the beauty of nature through Javed Ali’s touching voice.

Says Javed Ali, “Pehli Baar is a beautiful song and it’s all about the intoxication of love and everything one feels when overwhelmed by the emotion.”

Adds composer Rochak Kohli, “We kept the composition simple and melodious with ‘Pehli Baar’. It’s the kind of song you can play while driving in your car, sipping on your cup of tea or even reminiscing your haydays. ”

“Pehli Baar is about the newness, freshness and initial rush of love and how love is a journey and not just the destination.” quotes the lyricist Kumaar.

Director Sartaj Singh Pannu adds, “We shot this track in the mountains and the couple is filmed trekking through the snow clad mountains as they discover the love between them. The audience will see some great chemistry between Abhishek and Deeksha who breathe life to Javed Ali’s incredible vocals.”

Says Abhishek Singh, “Filming this music video was a very different experience because Deeksha and I had to emote and act while we were actually freezing owing to the low temperatures. We’ve captured some breathtaking visuals in the song and I love how it has turned out.”

“It was challenging; but a lot of fun shooting for hours in the snow. I hope the camaraderie Abhishek and I share reflects in our chemistry on screen in Pehli Baar.” adds Deeksha Kaushal.

‘Pehli Baar’ sung by Javed Ali and composed by Rochak Kohli is produced by T-Series. Featuring Abhishek Singh and Deeksha Kaushal, the song is directed by Sartaj Singh Pannu and is out now on T-Series’ YouTube channel.


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