Hrithik Roshan calls R Praggnanandhaa ‘True Champion’ as he finishes runner-up at Chess World Cup

Indian Actor Hrithik Roshan took to X (formerly Twitter), in awe of the youngest Indian Grandmaster, 18 year old Rameshbabu Praggnanandhaa playing against World No. 1, 32 year old Norwegian Magnus Carlsen in 2023 Chess World Cup.

Hrithik Roshan calls R Praggnanandhaa 'True Champion' as he finishes runner-up at Chess World Cup

After drawing 2 tie-breaker games, R Praggnanandhaa played the third round of tie-breakers consisting of shorter format contests opposite Magnus. The match ended in Magnus Carlsen emerging winner, while Praggnanandhaa finished as runner-up at the finals of FIDE Chess championship held on August 24th 2023 in Baku, Azerbaijan.

R Praggnanandhaa who is termed as a Fighter by chess enthusiasts for displaying strategies that aim to win, received a special recognition from Hrithik Roshan hailing him for his ‘top form’ exhibited throughout the matches he played in FIDE World Cup.

Soon after the championship came to an end, Hrithik Roshan tweeted on Thursday, “Triumph is not limited to the final result. For me, you are a true CHAMPION! Congratulations @rpragchess for being in top form throughout the #FIDEWorldCupFinal. More power to you, Grandmaster R Praggnanandhaa! 🤗”

Hrithik who is often seen encouraging his children Hrehaan and Hridaan Roshan to give their very best and not dwell on the end results, celebrated the exceptional journey of the young Indian mind, grandmaster R Praggnanandhaa.

In 2020, amidst the nationwide lockdown, Hrithik had taken to social media to highlight life learnings from the game of chess. He wrote, “Focus. Stay objective. Follow all the rules. Plan for a few steps ahead. Be prepared. You may have to make some sacrifices. And that’s ok. Weigh the advantage and disadvantage of every move. Mistakes may result in loss of lives. Aim from a distance. Don’t move in too close. Protect yourself and your clan. Don’t panic. It’s not just a game. O and wash your hands before you begin. I guess the rules remain the same for all kinds of wars in our lives. Let’s win this.”


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