Hosted by Ram Charan, Farah Khan and Prabhudeva, ‘Heal URlife Through Dance’ announces the Winners!

Dance has always been an art to express sentiments, an exercise to bust the stress, and a universal language to bring people together. With ‘Heal URlife Through Dance’, an initiative was taken by – a holistic wellbeing platform, in collaboration with Surya Kala Moturi’s community welfare platform – Mana Ooru Mana Badyatha (Our Village Our Responsibility) to bring all the dance lovers across the nation together under one roof for a unique competition.

Hosted by Ram Charan, Farah Khan and Prabhudeva, 'Heal URlife Through Dance' announces the Winners!

A pan-India online dance show for the specially-abled was organized to boost their morale and support them during the trying times we went through in 2020. Superstar Ram Charan, Director Farah Khan, and Choreographer Prabhudeva came together for this kind cause and hosted this online talent show.

Sharing about the same, Ram Charan says, “Heal Urlife Through Dance has successfully managed to salute the perseverance and enthusiasm of the specially-abled section of the society. It was a need to provide them a deserving platform that will allow them to present their talent which they rarely showcased due to social circumstances. I see all the participants as the winners because they tried to come ahead and expressed their emotions through dance. It was my privilege that I was part of such a kind initiative. I appreciate the efforts taken for this empathetic competition for the specially-abled people around us. ”

Filmmaker and choreographer Farah Khan says, “Dance has often been therapeutic for us. Heal Urlife gave a platform to a section of the society who face multiple challenges in their life just because they are specially-abled. Watching all the enthralling performances was motivating. As a dancer myself, the performances made me realize that dance has the ability to heal us mentally, which was the message we as judges want to send out. As humans, we must help and encourage people to overcome their social weaknesses, which will help us succeed towards a brighter tomorrow.”

Well-known choreographer and filmmaker Prabhudeva adds, “UR life has done a brilliant job by providing opportunities to the specially-abled people to open their hearts and express their feelings through dance. The event has put light on how wellness is a significant factor in our life. I am very much glad that Heal Urlife has focused on a set of people who are ignored by us unintentionally as we overlook the capabilities and will power. For me, dance has always been sacred and this initiative has made me emotional. This competition will always stay close to my heart.”

Sponsored by Happi Mobiles, Neeru’s and Making a Difference, the organizers have decided to end the initiative on a great note. They have announced special gifts for the top 100 participants to appreciate their perseverance, willpower, and talent.

The competition has now reached in its final stage and here’s a list of the winner for both the categories;.
Category 1: Mentally-abled
• Vibhu Agarwal
• P.B.Mahathi
• Kamisetty Venkat
• Sai Shalini Shenoy
• S.A.Nishik

Category 2: Physically-abled
• Kasarla Karthik
• Karishma
• Kaveripakam Ganesh
• Ragolu Chandrarao
• Indla Omkara


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