Himesh Reshammiya Shares Second Song ‘Cutie Pie’ from ‘Happy Hardy And Heer’

Cutie pie song from Himesh’s movie Happy Hardy and Heer releases today which has been sung by Himesh and penned by Shabbir Ahmed. Himesh said I have sung Cutie Pie in the fun space but have also retained the romance and soul of the song. It was composed on the sets of my shoot for Naam hai Tera song 12 years back which launched Deepika Padukone in the video.

Himesh Reshammiya Shares Second Song 'Cutie Pie' from 'Happy Hardy And Heer'

I distinctly remember that though I was shooting for a sad song Naam Hai Tera I was in quite a happy space cause in my car while shooting I was listening to a fun Kishore Kumar song and suddenly while giving one of my shots that day  was blessed with this tune of cutie pie. I had then decided that I will surely sing this song and use this song in a film for a super fun situation when the time is right as the tune of cutie pie is timeless and when we locked the script of Happy Hardy and Heer we all felt that cutie pie was absolutely the right song for the situation which enhances the situation and also has a lot of audio value.

Recently the teaser and first song Heeriye of Himesh’s movie Happy Hardy and Heer was released and the response has been overwhelming, everyone is talking about the grand visuals and glorious musical score by the hit machine Himesh. Himesh who is playing two characters in the film of Harshvardhan Bhatt and Harpreet Singh Lamba is extremely happy with the response to the music and the look of the film.

The other songs of the film will be releasing one by one every week and going by the musical teaser and the first super hit track Heeriye one can easily say that Tips has a blockbuster album already and it’s been decided that once the songs become universal hits and popular all over  then the producers Deepshikha Deshmukh & Sabita Manakchand, choreographer turned director Raka will come out with a theatrical trailer which will blow everyone’s mind with the visuals and humour and witty dialogues and the feel of the film.

This new strategy of releasing a musical teaser first and then giving time for the music to grow and become a hit before the theatrical trailer releases is something new and is hardly done nowadays and this strategy has worked very well for the makers since the makers have a hit score with them.


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