Here’s How Aamir Ali Prepared for Lootere, says, ‘I had to stop working out as..’

Aamir Ali, renowned for his versatile portrayals on screen, is back to captivate audiences once again with his enthralling performance in the recently released show ‘Lootere’ on Disney+ Hotstar. Stepping into the shoes of a character grappling with the complexities of an undercover agent in a piracy-ridden Somali setting, Ali is set to deliver a performance that is both unexpected and riveting.

Here's How Aamir Ali Prepared for Lootere, says, 'I had to stop working out as..'

In a candid revelation, Ali shared, “When you see the show, I come in the second half. You will see a completely different side of me, I don’t look like myself. I had to stop working out as my character had to look very normal. He didn’t have to look built or very fit. I gave up working out and grew my arm and chest hair, just to look normal.”

He further added, “They didn’t want the character to look predictable, as someone who can come out and start shooting people. When you see the show, you will understand that my character’s journey starts as a normal undercover agent and then of course eventually what happens? happens. I also had to go through rigorous acting workshops to truly give a standout performance.”

In ‘Lootere’, Aamir Ali portrays a character embroiled in the dangerous world of piracy, navigating through treacherous waters. His portrayal of the undercover agent bringing a refreshing departure from conventional roles.


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