Did You Know That Prabhas Doesn’t Charge Extra Fee From Producers?

Do you know the story of Prabhas, the renowned actor known not just for his on-screen charisma but also for his exceptional kindness behind the scenes? Industry insiders reveal a striking contrast between Prabhas and other heroes in the film fraternity. Unlike his counterparts, Prabhas doesn’t make additional demands when it comes to his remuneration. He arrives at shoots in his own car, separately from his team, without expecting extra payment for services provided.

Did You Know That Prabhas Doesn’t Charge Extra Fee From Producers?

An insider informs “According to industry sources, Prabhas has a very different approach to dealing with others compared to other heroes, which earns him high regard among producers. When Prabhas receives remuneration, he doesn’t ask for a single additional rupee. This is unlike other heroes who often make additional demands for makeup artists, managers, and assistants. Prabhas arrives in his own car, while his team arrives separately. Although a caravan is provided for him, he doesn’t expect any extra payment for any service.”

The insider further added “In contrast, other heroes often require producers to cover expenses such as the driver, fees for assistants, makeup artists, and even the provision of their own caravan. Additionally, Prabhas arranges for his own food, even for his team, without burdening the producer. He also covers expenses for his body doubles and bouncers, relieving any financial strain on the producer. This stark difference in approach sets Prabhas apart, earning him great admiration. No other hero exhibits such generosity and consideration towards producers.”

In a world where actors often burden producers with requests for makeup artists, managers, and even caravans, Prabhas stands out by arranging and covering these expenses himself. Not stopping there, he even ensures that his team’s needs, including food and accommodation, are taken care of without adding to the producer’s financial load. This exceptional generosity and consideration towards producers have earned Prabhas unparalleled admiration in the industry, setting him apart as a true gem among heroes.

Meanwhile, on the work front, he is currently gearing up for Kalki 2898 AD and Rajasaab.


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