Demon Hunters: Arjan Bajwa to headline an international film; says, ‘Thrilled to have been chosen…’

Arjan Bajwa, a seasoned performer renowned in both pan-Indian and Southern cinema, has now secured a prominent role in an international production. Known as a dark horse in the entertainment industry, he has left an indelible mark with unforgettable performances in movies like “Rustom,” “Fashion,” “Bigil,” and his author-backed role as Tahir Wazir in the popular Amazon series “Bestseller.” He also portrayed the real-life hero Col. Sahota in “State of Siege – 26/11” on ZEE5.

Demon Hunters: Arjan Bajwa to headline an international film; says, ‘Thrilled to have been chosen…’

Expanding his horizons to the international stage, Arjan takes the lead in the South Asian international production titled “Demon Hunters,” an enchanting action-comedy produced by the global company Light House Productions. This venture is helmed by director Mei-Juin Chen (known for “Gangster’s Daughter” and National Geographic’s “Kung Fu Secrets”) and celebrated director-cinematographer Tony Cheung, renowned for his work in Jackie Chan’s “The Legends of Drunken Master,” “Dragon Blade,” and the recent release “Hidden Strike,” featuring John Cena on Netflix.

When asked about his selection for this pivotal role, Arjan expresses, “It’s an exhilarating character, and I’m thrilled to have been chosen to portray a computer geek seeking vengeance for his grandfather’s death. The casting team reached out to me about six to eight months ago. They carefully reviewed my body of work, and after meticulous and detailed meetings, things fell into place. We engaged in workshops and training before the shoot, which was an amazing learning experience.”

“Demon Hunters” is currently in production, featuring popular stars like JC Lin (known for series like “What the Hell is Love” and the film “Some day or one day”) and Regina Lei (known for “Antikalpa” on Netflix), along with the seasoned actor Jack Kao from the “Assassin” and “Gatao” series on Netflix.

Arjan has an intriguing lineup of diverse projects in both series and films, and he quips, “I am eagerly anticipating an exciting 2024.”

“Demon Hunters” is set to premiere globally in the autumn of 2024.


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