Benny Dayal and Payal Dev to bring alive the magic of 90s romance on 8th Episode of T-Series’ Mixtape Rewind Season 3

The latest rendition of ‘Main Teri Mohabbat Mein and Jaan-e-Jigar’ by Benny Dayal and Payal Dev infuse light and soft essence in Mixtape Rewind Season 3 that gives an aural treat. Music Composer Abhijit Vaghani weaves in magic by bringing together 90s iconic tracks from Tridev and Aashiqui with minimal orchestration.

Benny Dayal and Payal Dev to bring alive the magic of 90s romance on 8th Episode of T-Series' Mixtape Rewind Season 3
With roots immersed in nostalgia, Bhushan Kumar’s T-Series’ Mixtape Rewind, Season 3, presented by Amazon Prime Music is delighting the audiences with the eclectic mix of romantic songs from 90s and 2000s. ‘Main Teri Mohabbat Mein and Jaan-e-Jigar’ is one such melodious mix that revives the old-school romance. Benny Dayal’s unique voice texture and Payal Dev’s soothing vocals clubbed with exceptional music arrangement, makes this mixtape different from others as Abhijit Vaghani explores alternative rock style, retaining the melodies of original/classic compositions. The new season will be available exclusively first on Amazon Prime Music for Prime members to enjoy an ad-free and hands-free voice enabled experience with Alexa.

Commenting about this fresh mix, Abhijit Vaghani comments, “I chose Main Teri Mohabbat Mein & Jaan-e-Jigar as both are such magnanimous compositions and both of them are in a chromatic scale, it helped me to match them together. It was both a challenge and pleasure to combine tracks. This time I just went with retro tones of the electric guitar and has a very a nice acoustic lead towards the second music just kept it a little alternative rock sort of a vibe. Payal Dev and Benny Dayal are beautiful singers, the way they embellish this track specially Payal Dev, she completely lifted the track her presence of voice made sure that the track was very floaty and Benny has sung in a different tone that audiences have never heard before.”

Talking about his experience, Benny Dayal says, “I have grown up listening to both these songs. Jaan-e-Jigar was very close to me and it’s quite ironic how this song came to me to be sung for Mixtape Season 3 and I’m thankful to Abhijit Vaghani for doing a wonderful job. This is the second time I’m working with him on Mixtape but we’re old friends and he is such an incredible musician. It’s such an honour to be singing for his arrangements and at the same time collaborating with Payal Dev was one of the sweetest. She is has a very calm, and honest energy that makes it easy working with her.”

Payal Dev further adds, “These songs are my favorite because I’m in love with the unbeatable music from the 90’s era. I have always been in awe of the melodies that were composed in the 90s and have always wanted to give it my touch and sing these unbeatable hits. I finally got a chance to sing them in Mixtape, I am so excited. I’ve been following MixTape since the first season and it is beautiful to hear this smooth amalgamation of two songs. To mix two songs together is really not easy but Abhijit Vaghani makes it seem like we are singing one track and it was amazing working with him. This was the first time Benny and I are working together. Benny is a talented singer and that made it so easy and comfortable to collaborate with him. Working on this mixtape was an amazing experience and I hope the audiences love it as much as we did making it.”

Listen to the soulful mix of ‘Main Teri Mohabbat Mein/Jaan-e-Jigar’ in Benny Dayal and Payal Dev’s voice on T-Series Mixtape Rewind now!


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