Animal: Makers unveils Bobby Deol’s Viral Entry Song ‘Jamal Kudu’

While Ranbir Kapoor starrer Animal is successfully reigning at the box office, another aspect of the film that has gone viral is Bobby Deol’s entry song in the movie.

Animal: Makers unveils Bobby Deol's Viral Entry Song 'Jamal Kudu'

In the Sandeep Reddy Vanga directorial, Bobby’s character Abrar enters dancing to a traditional Iranian song Jamal Kudu. Fans have loved this song so much that they made it a reel trend. Following this, T-Series have released the song on their YouTube.

Yes, millions of reels for Jamal Kudu have been made on Instagram. Netizens have been gushing over it and how.

The song has not just left the general public smitten, it has also left entities like Marvel India, Mumbai Indians, and others obsessed and inclined to create a reel on it on their official pages.

With Bobby’s entry on Jamal Kudu becoming a sensation and being much loved for his impactful performance in the film, the fans are fondly calling him Lord Bobby for the stellar performance he has given in the film.


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