Aksha Pardasany Said, “I almost lost my eye…” Opening Up On The Challenge Shooting For Rafuchakkar

Renowned actress Aksha Pardasany recently opened up about her about returning to the set of her latest series, “Rafuchakkar,” after a devastating accident that left her with a severe eye injury. Despite the challenges she faced, Aksha managed to complete her scenes with the unwavering support of her director and co-stars.

Aksha Pardasany Said, "I almost lost my eye…" Opening Up On The Challenge Shooting For Rafuchakkar

Commenting on this Aksha Pardasany said, “When I turned up on set 5 days after my accident, I almost lost my eye and injured my hand,” Aksha revealed. “It was a tough time for me, but I didn’t want to let anyone down, especially the dedicated team behind ‘Rafuchakkar. The entire team of Rafuchakkar was very supportive as I resumed the shoot.”

The injuries sustained in the accident meant that Aksha couldn’t use makeup on the affected area. However, the resourceful team decided to employ advanced visual effects (VFX) techniques to seamlessly blend her injuries and get the perfect shot. This decision ensured continuity and a realistic portrayal of Aksha’s character.

Aksha expressed her heartfelt gratitude towards her director and co-stars for their tremendous support throughout her recovery and return to filming. The director personally assisted her by dressing her injured wound, demonstrating the team’s camaraderie and dedication. Furthermore, to protect her injured eye from dust and bright lights, Aksha had to wear glasses in between shots. The production crew went above and beyond to make her feel comfortable and secure on set, prioritizing her well-being without compromising the show’s quality.

Aksha Pardasany’s resilience and professionalism serve as an inspiration to her fans and the entire entertainment industry. Despite the adversity she faced, she demonstrated unwavering commitment and passion for her craft, delivering a remarkable performance.


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