Actress Sonam Khan Surprises Fans with Secret Husband Revelation; See Pic!

In a surprising revelation, Sonam Khan recently took to Instagram to share a picture of her personal life by confirming her marriage to Dr. Murali Poduval. The post, speaks about a candid picture of the couple, marking a significant moment as Sonam acknowledged their relationship and expressed gratitude for the constant support she has received.

Actress Sonam Khan Surprises Fans with Secret Husband Revelation; See Pics

The revelation begins with a simple yet impactful statement, “Dr Murali Poduval Yes he is my husband. We got married in 2017… Through thick and thin he has always been my biggest supporter for over 8 years … I didn’t talk about him earlier as he is a very private person… He has been constant in all the ups & downs life has thrown at us. We are best friends and will always remain so no matter what where or why.. Even if we live apart. As this New Year must start on a clean slate. I share here a very personal picture of Murali & Mine to my Instagram family. Happy New Year once again to all of you . ✨🙏🏻✨”

Delving into their journey, the post talks about how the couple tied the knot in 2017. Sonam reflects on the eight years of private relationship, focusing on how Dr. Poduval has been a constant pillar of support “through thick and thin”, shedding light on the depth of their bond and the shared experiences that have strengthened their bond over the years.

Sonam makes it clear that Dr. Poduval will remain a private individual. This respect for his privacy sets a balance between their love and respect for each other, especially with their relationship now in the public eye.

The shared picture serves as a sweet gesture as Sonam invites her Instagram family into this personal aspect of her life. The closing wishes for a “Happy New Year” resonate with hope and positivity, indicating that this revelation marks a fresh beginning for the couple.

The diva has been in a buzz of speculation lately with rumours surrounding her upcoming Bollywood projects. Rumour has it the evergreen actress will be gearing up for a comeback in 2024.

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