Actor Adivi Sesh hints about Upcoming Goodachari 2, Says A Massive Preparation Underway

With the resounding success of G1, Adivi Sesh’s fans are eagerly anticipating the release of Goodachari 2, the highly anticipated sequel to the gripping spy thriller. As talks about G2 continue to circulate, fans are reminiscing about their favorite moments from G1, building up the excitement and curiosity for what the actor has in store for them this time. Adivi Sesh’s recent tweets and interactions on social media have hinted at the massive preparation underway for G2, promising a movie that will surpass all expectations.

Actor Adivi Sesh hints about Upcoming Goodachari 2, Says A Massive Preparation Underway

G1 earned critical acclaim and an enthusiastic fan following for its gripping storyline, thrilling action sequences, and Adivi Sesh’s brilliant performance as a spy. The film’s success resonated with both critics and audiences, establishing it as one of the best spy thrillers in Telugu Film Industry. As talks of Goodachari 2 have gained momentum, fans have been sharing clips from G1, particularly scenes featuring Adivi Sesh, which have been trending on the internet.

This has contributed to the heightened anticipation for G2, about the plot and the character’s journey in the sequel. The audience’s curiosity is further piqued by Adivi Sesh’s intriguing tweet, where he expressed his gratitude to the fans for their love and revealed that he, along with director Vinay Kumar and writer Abburiravi, has been working diligently for the past six months to deliver a game-changing film.

Retweeting a fan video with title, “One Of The Best Spy Thriller in TFI”, Sesh reposted with a message saying, “Thank you for your love ❤️ Been writing with director @vinaykumar7121 & @abburiravi sir for the last six months to give you a game changing film 💥#G2 script is ….a Huge Vision. Massive preparation underway. Director @vinaykumar7121 His vision scares me sometimes BUT…all I’m gonna say is, INKA? ❤️‍🔥”.

The actor’s dedication, coupled with the director’s grand vision and massive preparation, creates an optimistic atmosphere among fans and the film fraternity alike. As the curiosity continues to soar, G2 stands poised to redefine the spy thriller genre leaving audiences thrilled and eagerly awaiting its release.


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