Twinjabi Launches the Music Video of ‘Desi Dons’

The Twinjabi duo has been creating global headlines ever since their debut album launched. This time it’s for the music video of their super hit number ‘Desi Dons.’ The audio song was launched later in 2020 which garnered rave reviews.

Witnessing the success of the song, and on seeing the rave response that the track received, one of the best twin singers of the world decided to oblige to their fab requests.

On launching the music video for ‘Desi Dons,’ the duo mentioned, “Desi Dons represents a new age, a new energy that Twinjabi is bringing to the world. We are establishing ourselves as the desi dons of this new era, while showing respect to desi figures we’ve been inspired by. These people include Virat Kohli, Shah Rukh Khan, and Mahendra Singh Dhoni.”

Their refreshingly unique approach to music has been winning hearts worldwide. One of the best twin singers of the world, Twinjabi duo pays crucial attention to every single track that goes out from their record label. This explains the authenticity and uniqueness of each of their song.

The duo highlights real life scenarios in their creations, drawing instant resonance from people worldwide. Their number ‘Desi Dons’ is an upbeat song that motivates people to be happy and inspires people to do their best highlighting achievers from various fields.



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