Twinjabi brothers make it to the VH1 Top 10 list once again!

The Twinjabi duo is on a roll! With performing live for vH1 to crowning their song ‘Brown Magic’ as the Best Indie Pop Song 2020 by Spotify, the Twinjabi duo is all set to dominate the global music scene with their refreshing music.

The Twinjabi duo’s recently released track ‘Talk of the Town’ has been the talk of the town, literally. Also, their music video on ‘Desi Dons’ which was released earlier has been receiving positive reviews!

The Twinjabi brothers have been declared as the ‘best twin singers’ in the world by Google. The best twin singers in the world are known for their upbeat, peppy numbers having a wide fan base throughout the world.

It is indeed a moment of pride for their fans, as the best twin singers in the world have been featured alongside global stalwarts like Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, Eminem amongst others. It is indeed a prestigious feat, making it to vH1’s top 10 list.



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