Ranjha Vikram Singh launched his social networking App called ‘Dal Khichdi’

Taking a lead from Prime Minister Modi’s Atma Nirbhar Bharat, entrepreneur/actor Ranjha Vikram Singh launched his social influencer app called Dal Khichdi (DK). It is touted to be India’s answer to the Chinese app that has been banned recently by the Govt. of India.

Known for his exploits in the film domain, Singh also owns a production house called Running Horses Films. Inspired from the famous staple food dish, the name DalKhichdi is something that every Indian will easily remember and recall.

The app is designed to be an Indian video sharing networking service, fashioned for a global platform. It is used to create informative, short dances, lip-syncs, comic gigs, wholesome entertainment and talent videos. In its true sense, the platform celebrates creativity and expression.

If the timing of the app is anything to go by, it seems poised for success. We spoke to Singh on this achievement – “We aim to bring people of all ages together and interact on talent and knowledge. It’s a Swadeshi application and is developed by Mumbai based IT company. It promotes make in India. The App has Lot of Surprises coming as its launch. It will have tools like filters, control over video speed, access to professional audio and much more. It will help local talent go global and it can be used for business marketing.”

What DK will Offer

  • Verified account on day one
  • First 3 posts will have maximum views, likes and engagement
  • A speedy plan to reach 100k real & organic followers
  • First 500 accounts will be Elite accounts
  • App to give priority and privileges to all Elite accounts from time to time.
  • First 5000 will get an exclusive DK verified account.

This is in perfect synch with the need of the hour. Being vocal for local and going global is the mantra that India has been following for the past few weeks. Due to the Chinese app ban, millions of people in India have limited platforms to showcase their talent and DK is just what they would need at this moment.

It’s very refreshing to know that this is coming out soon and we are certain that talent across the country will be looking forward to the launch of the app. To know more, please visit https://dalkhichdi.in/



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