Pranutan Bahl personifies simplicity yet again, Travels in an Auto in Mumbai

We often find star kids flaunting their larger than life lifestyles on social media. But then there’s Pranutan Bahl who keeps re-affirming her grounded roots.

Pranutan Bahl personifies simplicity yet aga in, Travels in an Auto in Mumbai

The teen sensation has always spoken about how humility runs in their family and has highlighted the fact that she would always want to be modest, humble and grounded.

Against all the starry tantrums, the charming actress was seen travelling in an auto rickshaw in Mumbai.

It was really heartwarming to come across this sight as rarely a star kid, a popular actress opts for a public transport especially in India where actors are worshipped!

Pranutan was spotted wearing lilac pants and a white crop top, also with a mask. The ever-stylish diva has been breaking the internet with her stunning pictures.



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