Kalki Koechlin stars in a short film on Cottonworld’s latest collection, ‘Wake Up To Nature”

Cottonworld’s new campaign ‘Wake Up To Nature’ is all about Zero Digital Distortion. 100% Natural. Cottonworld is known to deeply care about natural fabrics. For this new collection, they have made a conscious effort to have most of the knits made using organic cotton.

They have also extended their support to the local artisans by choosing block printed fabrics from Jaipur. The beauty & uniqueness of the art is what makes it stand out. They also continue their effort to support organic cotton farmers with their association with Chetna Vikas, where part proceeds from sale of their organic tee collection is given to them.

There is much stronger message that one is trying to put forth through this campaign. None of the campaign images are digitally distorted. No work has been done to manipulate the faces of models in the campaign. Every campaign image comes with a zero distortion mark. It means no images are digitally retouched or reshaped to meet socially constructed ideas of beauty.

Because for them beauty is being 100% real. 100% natural, just like their clothing. Kalki stars in a short film directed by Gautam Kohli outlining the collection. Kalki has carved a beautiful niche for herself. She is smart, intellectual, dares to say her mind, be different, and even chooses films and stories that are thought-provoking.

She says “Cottonworld’s philosophy of pure living & natural fabrics always resonated with me. Making the right choice can be as easy as putting on a great Tee. They value great quality, transparency, the planet & are working towards a greener future by introducing organic cotton, modal & other natural fabrics. The campaign film is a beautiful poetry in motion about nature taking over an urban space. Hope you like it.”



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