HanuMan Director Prasanth Varma Announces the launch of ‘Cinematic Universe’ on his Birthday – More Details Inside

Off-late we have been witnessing Indian Cinema going beyond boundaries with its storytelling, and while many filmmakers are building an interesting series of stories to tell there is already a universe and a spy universe that is breathing within the industry.

HanuMan Director Prasanth Varma Announces the launch of 'Cinematic Universe' on his Birthday – More Details Inside

And now director Prasanth Varma is all set to bring his larger-than-life universe which will mostly be inspired by our Indian superheroes. The first one in this universe is Hanu-Man whose teaser fans have already seen and loved. HanuMan will be the first instalment under the Prasanth Varma Cinematic Universe (PVCU) which will release in 2023.

Following Hanu-Man would be Adhira which releases next year. As Prasanth announces his innovative and fantastical dream coming to life, he shares, “I have always been very inspired by the amazing superhero universe we see across thd globe. And I always wanted to do something along those lines, but with Indian roots. So we made Hanu-Man, and now as I announce PVCU, I share with all a dream to give India a universe to enjoy with amazing stories from our rich history, mythology, and culture. I hope people love it, and I shall keep entertaining them with more such stories.”

What’s great about PVCU is that it is strongly rooted in India. Yes, Prasanth not only plans to tell stories from Indian heritage but also has Indian actors play those roles. In PVCU, Prasanth won’t only bring like-minded individuals together, but he will also build a community that will allow these people to share their stories. He has established his vision and as he explores it, many shall be rooting for him.

On that note, here’s wishing Prasanth Varma a very happy birthday!


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