Bollywood Actress Sonal Chauhan Goes De-glam For Her First Digital Series

Bollywood is known for the glamour it withholds. The word Bollywood itself is widely associated with the terms glitz and glamour, so for artists to go de-glam for their roles is a clear indication of their dedication and hard work towards their art.

Celebs in past like Aishwarya Rai, Priyanka Chopra, Randeep Hooda Alia Bhatt have been a part of this list and now adding to it is none other than Sonal Chauhan! The ever so stylish actress Sonal has taken a bold step in going de-glam for her first ever digital series ‘Skyfire’.

Donning a more traditional and simple look with a nose ring, Sonal is a vision to watch out for. The recently released teaser of ‘SkyFire’ has made us all wondering about Sonal’s character and what we hear is that the actress is a historian by the day and a teacher by the night, someone who is strong headed and fearless but vulnerable too.

Her character ‘Meenakshi’ can be called as an epitome of fierce protector, a strong independent woman who can go to any extend to protect her country.

Giving us some insights behind the preparation of this unusual role the talented actress says, “Meenakshi is one of the most unique character I have ever done, she is a perfect balance of strength and vulnerability. Since she is a girl from Delhi, the city where I am originated from in real life too, there were lot of common thing which made it easier for me to understand her. My inspiration largely came from girls from Delhi University, the everyday woman who goes through some phenomenal situations in their daily life”

Well, with SkyFire trailer receiving some high accolades already we can’t wait to watch what this talented beauty has in store for us!



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