Watch Dear Zindagi Take 4 Teaser: SRK Sets You Free From All The Emotions


Dear Zindagi Take 4 is Out Now

The fourth teaser of Shah Rukh Khan and Alia Bhatt starrer Dear Zindagi has released today. The 1.23 minute-long Dear Zindagi Take Four- unlike the fun and light-hearted teasers released earlier – is about deep emotions, love and compassion. Gauri Shinde delves deep into the psychology of relationships and significance of expressing emotions without parameters. The question arises as to how curbing emotions can have an adverse impact on relationships.


The teaser is an accurate expression of the youth of today. It starts with Jug’s monologue. It says, “As children, when we were sad our elders told us not to cry…when we were angry they told us ‘give us a smile’…just to keep peace at home…When we wanted to hate, we weren’t allowed to…so now when we want to love…we suddenly find our whole emotional mechanism is topsy-turvy…it cannot function… sadness, anger, hate… we were not allowed to express any openly… so now, how do we express love?”

What can we write about SRK, the undisputed king of romance who touches a deep chord with his unique style of dialogue delivery? The teaser signals that Dear Zindagi might just feature SRK’s finest performance yet. SRK completely slides into the character of Jug, who helps Alia’s Kiara gain new perspective about life. And who else other than youth sensation and inspiration Alia could portray the emotional turmoil many teenagers experience today. From the teasers it appears that the talented actor has studied the character of Kaira exceptionally well. She has managed to display emotions of love, anger and pain with utmost perfection.

The teaser ends with a soul-stirring song Just go to hell, dil’ and dynamic dialogue, “Albert Einstein once said…’An insane person is one who does the same thing over and over again…and expects different results each time'”. The makers of the film have managed to grab eyeballs with extraordinary teasers which are surely expected to remain etched in the audiences’ mind and pull them to theatres on November 25.

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