Uttama Villain 1st First Day Collection – Opening Day Box Office Report

Uttama Villain First Day Box Office Collection

Kamal Haasan latest Tamil drama movie “Uttama Villan” aka “Uthama Villain”¬†whose release delayed by a day on Friday has finally hit the screens on today i.e 2nd May, 2015 as talks between the concerned parties have been successful in sorting out the dispute. Interestingly, this comedy-drama also ran into utham-villan-box-office-incomesome major trouble with a few pro-hindu groups who alleged that the movie hurt religious sentiments. Despite these objections ‘Uthama Villain’ was cleared for release by the censor board. Apparently, the film’s producers Thirrupathi Brothers owed money to a group of financiers.

It was also believed they owed Eros International, the distributor of the movie worldwide, nearly Rs.5 crore. On Friday, barely minutes before early morning shows across Tamil Nadu, the release of the movie was delayed. The cancellation of the shows had left legions of Kamal fans disappointed. Now, Finally the movie hit the screens today with mixed reviews from the viewers. The film, which is directed by Ramesh Aravind, is the story of a superstar with and without a mask. It features an ensemble cast of Pooja Kumar, Andrea Jeremiah, K. Balachander, K. Vishwanath, M.S. Bhaskar, Parvathy Menon, Urvashi and Jayaram.

Uttama Villain Opening Day Box Office Business

Uthama Villain Tamil version was released in the overseas on April 30th. However, in India, the shows were cancelled at the last minute. The film will be sent through a tiny digital file to theaters over satellites. Exhibitors can start the shows straight away once they have the digital keys with them. But in the case of Uttama Villain, due to some financial issues, the financier held back the digital keys and did not provide it to theaters which resulted the movie to suffer huge loss. As a result, the movie has suffered huge losses.

Though nobody can be clear about the exact figure, the early estimation by the traders say that “Uttama Villain” has suffered approximately Rs 12 crore losses of business in India on Friday. While from Tamil Nadu alone the film has possibly lost a business of Rs 7-8 crore, from the rest of India, the predicted loss is Rs 4 crore. We have to note that the advance booking for the first day shows had got massive response and over 80% tickets of prime-time shows were sold in big cities like Chennai, Bengaluru and others cities. Traders say that the first-day business is crucial for any movie at the box office as it lays the foundation for the film at collection centres.

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