Top 5 Reasons to Watch Sardaar Gabbar Singh: Starring Pawan Kalyan & Kajal Aggarwal

5 Important Reason to Watch Sardaar Gabbar Singh

Pawan Kalyan starrer Sardaar Gabbar Singh is about to release in a couple of days. The hype for the movie is insane and at the same time it has some opposition by a few critics. It is clear from the trailer that we can expect an out and out masala entertainer. But, what does it take for a commercial film like this to become a superhit? These 5 important ingredients of course.

Star power of Pawan Kalyan: It goes without saying, you cannot expect a masala flick to do well without some starpower. And when the star in question is Pawan Kalyan, you can rest assured that the film is on its way to become a hit. The Powerstar has a following in Tollywood that is nothing short of amazing. Even after giving hits only sporadically, his fans stay loyal as ever. So the first step in the checklist for a successful commercial film is PK himself.

Brahmanandam comedy: Ace comedian Brahmanandam is the most experienced Telugu comedian in existence. He even holds a Guinness record for doing over a thousand films in his career. His comic timing, energy and expressions are so epic it will leave you in splits even if you are watching the man for the first time. So having this master of comedy in a film is a must as he will at least make sure there are plenty of laughs if nothing else.

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Fight scenes: No masala film is complete without a little action, and when it comes to Telugu films, the more extravagant the fighting, the better it is. So obviously, there is going to be a whole lot of fight scenes in Sardaar Gabbar Singh where we will see goons flying all over the place. The silver lining is, the fighting doesn’t end with fists, but progresses into some epic looking gun battles that is going to make this action flick that much more exciting.

Raai Laxmi Item Song: Of course, how can any film be complete without a naughty item number. A really hot actress, hopefully a big and famous one, must come and dance saucily and set the screen on fire for a few minutes at least. She will of course be joined by our hero to make things more special. But, when the item girl is the South bombshell Raai Laxmi, sparks are guaranteed to fly. Besides Tauba Tauba is one of the best item songs this year in terms of music.

Masala Dialogues: Another important ingredient for a film to be masala blockbuster is to have strong dialogues. More importantly, memorable punch dialogues from the hero that will earn at least a few whistles and claps in theatres. There is already one in the trailer, where Pawan Kalyan says,” I am alone, wherever I go, I will be alone and yet, I will always be for the people, with the people.” Looks like Sardaar Gabbar Singh will be filled with many such thoughtful anecdotes.

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