The Dirty Truth about the “Fame Seeker” Akansha Sharma

The Dirty Truth about the “Fame seeker” Akansha sharma Akansha Sharma,ex big boss contestant and former wife of Yuvi’s younger brother Zoravar has recently put allegations to the Singh family that they were harassing her mentally and she was also being “Pushed” and “slapped” in the process.

The Dirty Truth about the “Fame seeker” Akansha sharma

Though this seems like fake allegations as the same Akansha was earlier enjoying the entire name and fame she was getting for being the sister in law to the national hero Yuvraj Singh,so her sudden change of reactions makes everyone feels doubtful about her intentions. Moreover, if one looks at her Instagram account,we get to see her real “Dirty” face inside all the Decency she is showing outside.

While it’s a proven fact after looking at the above posts that the so called “Victimized” lady is not the same person like what she looks from outside. Her “Drug addiction” certainly puts him in question for all the sympathy she is trying to gain from the society over her fake claims on Yuvi’s family.

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