Tamasha 2nd Weekend (Sunday) Collection – 10th Day Total Collection Report

Tamasha 10th Day Box Office Collection

Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone ‘chemistry’ powered Tamasha box office collections with India only earnings being Rs 10.87 crore on day 1 after logging near 40% occupancy rate. On day 2, signalling that it packs a heavier punch than many gave it credit for, Tamasha collections jumped over its day 1 figure to rake in as much as Rs 13.17 crore and took its domestic total to a commendable Rs 24.04 crore and a cumulative Rs 40.73 crore. On day 3, which was a Sunday, the film received its icing on the cake as the take increased the most since release at Rs 14.12 crore for a domestic total of Rs 38.23 crore (opening week). To that when we add the foreign amount, the total jumped to Rs 56.26 crore.

That was Sunday. Monday, day 4, however, was an entirely different story with the collections virtually collapsing to Rs 5.07 crore! This signalled that the word of mouth booster shot by those who had seen the movie was not good enough to lure their friends and kin to the theatres. In domestic market, this has taken the Tamasha collections to Rs 43.30 crore. The film collected Rs 5.07 crore nett on its fourth day, Rs 4.07 crore on its fifth day, and Rs 3.32 crore on its sixth day.  The film collected Rs 53.46 crore nett in India during its first week.


This romantic drama was released on 27th November with a screen count of 2100 in India. From critics it had received mixed reviews because of its complex story line and average music. From audience too, it had received cold reactions but due to star power & appreciable performance of both the stars, Tamasha has collected reputed business figures through out its first week. In short, the Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor ‘chemistry’, which was quite talked up leading up to Tamasha release and did actually manage to lure the crowds initially to theatres, did not pack enough power and its ‘charm’ has quite worn off as the week draws to a close as far as the viewing public is concerned.

The flick has shown much good performance than yesterday and it has stood up on the expectations of the viewers even today also. Today being the second Sunday for this film it has still collected nice amount by the end of day with total of 3.21 crores. Now the 10 days total income of Tamasha is 61.23 crores which is satisfactory.

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