Suriya’s 24 Trailer Review & Audience Response- Live Tweets Update

24 Movie Trailer is Out Now

Tamil cinema experimented with a zombie film earlier this year which turned out to be a decent first. Now while the sci-fi genre is not new to the Tamil film industry, I can’t recall any local film that toyed with the concept of a time machine before. Probably 24 is the first, and though I have my reservations regarding the same, I’m looking forward to seeing it. The last time we had a combination of science-iction commercial mass entertainer in Tamil, we had Enthiran. Suriya has a triple role in the film, and Samantha and Nithya Menon play the film’s leading ladies. Directed by Vikram K Kumar, a majority of this film relies on CGI and has been shot on the sets. A R Rahman’s music takes centre-stage in this trailer with the well-designed BGM.


Anyhow, The new trailer of Suriya’s sci-fi actioner, 24, is out! And it continues to baffle as well as entertain us at the same time! The film is directed by Vikram K Kumar and stars Suriya in a triple avatar with Nithya Menen and Samantha Prabhu playing his female love interests. An interesting fact about the film is Suriya is himself playing the protagonist as well as the antagonist! You can either call it height of creativity or height of hogging the limelight! The second trailer of the film continues to explore the various sci-fi and time travelling tropes the first teaser had promised us.

We see two Suriya’s fighting for some watch as Nithya Menen, who plays one of those Suriya’s wives, gets trapped in the melee. But since this is a Tamil film and you need to adhere to typical blockbuster trademarks, so enter third Suriya – a handsome swashbuckling hero, who can dance and romance (Samantha, in this case), fight and crack jokes! The musical score by AR Rahman is vibrant and energetic, and gels with the scenes. However, the trailer refuses to divulge much about the premise, except that everyone is running after a watch and that Samantha is scorching HOT!

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