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Super Nani Movie Public Response

The evergreen glamorous yester year screen diva, Rekha playing a role of conventional nani in the movie “SUPER NANI”. director indra kumar was about to release the movie during diwali but due to the fact of not having clash with shah rukh khan she poatponed her releasing date of movie. SUPER NANI is a small-budget drama starring Rekha, Sharman, Anupam Kher. SUPER NANI is a comeback of rekha and the fans of rekha are very excited to see her back on screen. As the trailor was released on you tube and it shows rekha’s transformation from a simple to a glamorous woman. by going through the trailor we can assume that the story is quite repetitve and audience have seen such story in hindi cinema couple of times. Indra kumar, director and co-producer of the film also added a scene where rekha has to mimic amitabh. it will be a treat to watch rekha mimicking Amitabh, as Rekha and Amitabh were rumored to be in love with each other and even today the rumors about their affairs is still spoken with same enthusiasm. however the two were never seen together on the screen after their superhit Silsila in the 1980s. today also it is hotly debated whetther the two are still in love with each other or not. director Indra Kumars says that when they approached rekha with this scene in which she had to imitate Mr. Bachan’s famous mannerisms, which they felt would add as aq fun element to the story she sportingly agreed.

Expected Collection of Super Nani

Now if we talk about the story so super nani is all about the story revolves around Rekha and her big family.her role in the movie itself talks about a dedicated wife, caring mother, and a loving grandmother. after taking caring of the family members and from sunrise to sunset her only duty was to take care of her family but what all she she gets at last is the humiliation , disrespect from her family. the family members affronts her which makes her feel disheartened. then her grandson, Sharman Joshi came to her rescue and makes her understood that to change her family she needs to change herself. sharman joshi playing rekha’s grandson role changes her life totly, he inspires her to rise above the mundane life of her. which transforms her magnificently to turn in a super nani and in the process takes up modeling assignment. during the shot of the modeling in the film she’ll be mimicing the legendary Amitabh Bachan. Anupam Kher, playing as an old buddy comes to the new glam bharti and offers her an add with bachhan. she does a take-off on bachhan famous mannerisms, including the trademark ‘hain’ as is seen in the film’s first trailor which will be unveiled to this weekend. the hindi movie buffs will haveto wait for a few more days as the fil super nani is all set to release on 31 oct. interestingly the new film khoobsurat is the remake of an old blockbuster classic movie of Rekha. Although the movie was about5 to release during diwali but as as farah kahan directed big-budget multi-starrer ?Happy New Year? is expected to hit the screens during the Diwali week. director indra kumar postponed their film she also statede that there are many other reason of her delaying the film but one of the major reason was this that they don’t want to have any clash with shah rukh khan.

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