Sultan Movie Dialogues by Salman Khan & Anushka Sharma


Dialogues from Salman Khan’s Sultan

Finally, the moment is here when Sultan‘s trailer is out there for all to feast on. We have been waiting for the trailer to arrive since forever now because the two teasers teased us so well that the wait was getting on our nerves. Thankfully, it’s here. The trailer is everything we thought it would be. There’s maar dhaad, Salman Khan‘s romantic side, Anushka Sharma‘s fierceness, some rejection, dejection and an ultimate triumph to close it. But it is the dialogues that will affect your more drawing you to the trailer. Here are a few that made our hearts race.

“Manne laage hai angrezi mei ladki jaldi pate hai”

All this while we didn’t get to know what would be chemistry like between Salman Khan and Anushka Sharma. That was the best kept secret although today morning we got a small glimpse of it. And so, it was such a refreshing change but Salman’s way of hitting on Anushka will flood you with memories because there are many boys who might have said this to you. Salman tries to speak in English and when Anushka asks him to not do that since he doesn’t know the language, he says, “Manne laage hai angrezi mei ladki jaldi patey hai. I love you bolo aur uske baad seedha kiss hoye hai.” Boys, don’t lie! This has been always in your head… no point lying about it!


”Sapne dekhna achi baat hai lekin, kai baar unke peeche daudte daudte na apne chut jaate hai”

Anushka’s philosophical advice to Salman in the film is everything our friends keep telling us. Sometime while we are very busy running after our dreams, we leave a lot behind. From the trailer, we can guess that it comes at a point when things are going south in their life and these words of caution will hit you home. She says, “Sapne dekhna achi baat hai lekin kai baar unke peeche daudte daudte na apne chut jaate hai.”

“I don’t train dead people”

It is perhaps the better spin off ‘I see dead people’ from The Sixth Sense. Randeep Hooda says these words so matter-of-factly that you will like him instantly. That’s the coach who doesn’t take things lying down. For a person who hasn’t been in the ring for years, taking it slow won’t work and Hooda’s dialogue gives it right back.

“Maine pehlwani zaroor chodi hai par ladna nahi bhula”

He is down but not out and that’s what makes Sultan increasingly awesome. Life throws a lot of hurdles at you but you should know how to get back. Sultan is down but he isn’t over it. He will get back and when he does, his opponents will know it! That’s what determination is all about.

“Jab zindagi tumhe patke to tum phir khade hou aur aisa dav maaro ki zindagi chit ho jaye”

Sultan might not have visited the ring for long, but he hasn’t forgotten his moves. He can still pin down his opponents with all his might and be absolutely unapologetic about it. When he says, “Ache pehelwan ki pehchaan akhaade mei nahi zindagi mein hoye hai. Taaki jab zindagi tumhe patke to tum phir khade hou aur aida dav maaro ki zindagi chit ho jaye,” you know he means every word of it.

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