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Secret Super Official Teaser is Out Now

A young girl living in one of India’s small towns or humming cities. A girl with a dream and a father who doesn’t agree with it. And Aamir Khan, with blonde spikes and more gold ornaments than Bappi Lahiri. An Aamir Khan who is telling you, this is a superhit. Secret Superstar, or rather (Secret) Superstar is the next film of India’s Mr Perfectionist and his Dangal daughter Zaira Wasim.


And true to its name, the project was secret till the picture of Aamir’s new look landed with Box Office Income a few months ago. Even the teaser launch was kept secret with Aamir teasing us via a video that he has something secret planned for us. The result was this sweet little teaser where Zaira is a girl with a passion, she wants her voice to be heard all across the globe. Her mum wants the same for her but the problem is daddy dearest who cruelly rips apart her guitar as she watches.

She realises her dream by wearing a hijab and taking to YouTube to secretly upload her songs. Cut to Aamir Khan and he tells us, “It is superhit, pasand aaya to like karo aur nahi aaya to taste change karo.” So, what are you gonna do? Slated to release on August 4, 2017, the film will see Aamir essaying a cameo.

At the launch of the Secret Superstar teaser, Aamir also shared some interesting insights. Here you go…

  • After so much buzz about who is the Secret Superstar, Aamir revealed it was none other than Zaira Wasim who is playing his daughter in Dangal.
  • So, what is the role Aamir is playing in the film? The actor had this to say, “I am the tadka of Secret Superstar.”
  • While Aamir Khan is known to take time over every film he does, Secret Superstar will come in a jiffy. The star said the film will arrive in eight months’ time.While Aamir said he has a different role in the film, the film’s director Advait said he is more than my godfather. The filmmaker said he convinced Aamir to star in his film with his screenplay.
  • But Aamir took some convincing. He apparently gave a screen test before saying yes for the film. The actor said the term superstar does not register for him, “Superstar term has never registered.. Someone who is loved by all.”
  • The film is directed by Advait Chandan and produced by Aamir and wife Kiran Rao.

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