Sardaar Gabbar Singh (SGS) Movie Dialogues by Pawan Kalyan

Sardaar Gabbar Singh Movie Dialogues

After a lot anticipation and excitement, the trailer of Pawan Kalyan starrer Sardaar Gabbar Singh is finally out. The fans already got a glimpse of the trailer yesterday at the audio launch, and it received mixed reactions. Scripted by the Powerstar himself, let us take a look at what Sardaar Gabbar Singh is all about. The trailer is so predictable that it will make you yawn. It is the story of Rattanpur, a small town in Telangana border, which is peaceful and prosperous. Until one day, a deadly feudal lord, Bhairav Singh, takes over the peaceful little town with force and starts mining and destroying the lives of the townspeople.

In the midst of all this, is a princess, played by Kajal Aggarwal, whom Bhairav Singh wants to marry for her riches. So when everything is doom and gloom, in comes our hero, Sardaar Gabbar Singh, portrayed by Pawan Kalyan. Gabbar is a maverick cop who is not scared of anyone. When this fearless man enters Rattanpur, the whole dynamic changes and Bhairav Singh gets a competitor. The rest of the tale will be probably about how Gabbar saves the town, gets the girl, kills the bad guy and walks off into the sunset. There, I said the entire plot of the film, because it is that obvious from the trailer.


The grand demeanour in which the film has been shot is a plus of course, and Sharad Kelkar, who is playing the baddie, actually holds some promise. But other than that, nothing much is worth appreciation. Even if the predictability can be forgiven, PK fans will really be surprised because the Powerstar enters the frame only halfway in the trailer! And in a movie that is being sold solely on Pawan’s star power, this is a really big crime. The fans are also not too happy that they got to see so less of PK. In the end, it looks like a done to death story with little to offer.

It is not known whether these dialogues belong to this movie or fans have created them, but they are very powerful and creating sensation on the internet now. All the fans of Pawan Kalyan are enjoying with these Sardaar Gabbar Singh Powerful punch Dialogues.

  • Rey Bandi Potlaki, Bada Chorlaki Bhayapade character Kadhura na di, Andhar aagani fire..Bahar Badasher..Pura..Sardaar Gabbar Singh..haaa.
  • Mee lanti Bandipotlaki lekkatho chepthe talaki ekkadu ra…Anduke na tikka tho chepalani vacha
  • Nannu andaru target chesina, na target matram Janam! Valanu navvinchalanna, nadipinchalanna, nene mundhu ki vastha
  • Rey! Nenu Yavariki ardam kanu ra..yina andariki nene kavali rooy..Pagodki, pakkanodiki, public ki, fans ki.. Adi enduko mere ardham chesukovali..
  • Nenu andhiri tho kalavanu..Andarini na tho kalupukunta.
  • Rey! Nenu sky lo ni star ni kadu ra, night vachi vellipovadaniki…Fans lo ni Fire..Sardaar Gabbar Singh 24 hours Full on Power haa
  • Na hand lo ni gun kanna..Heart loni guts ki power ekkuva ra..Half minute chalu ra..mi fuse lu blast cheyadaniki.
  • Kavalani sensation kosam nenu em cheyanu ra..Nenu Khaleja tho chesindi sensation avthundi..
  • Arevo Hawle! Nenu amina guranni anukunnava bey..Savari cheyadaniki..Simhani
  • Na tikka ki Lekkundi kani na stamina ki kadu roy
  • Nenu temper loss ithe, tempo lekunda kodatha
  • Rey Power ni vadukovalanuko bagupaduthav..Muttukovalanu koku..chachipothav. Chachipothav..

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