Salman Khan & Shah Rukh Khan to work together in a Film Soon!

SRK & Salman Khan are ready to act together in movies

If you are an intelligent writer and know a patient director or vice-versa or both rolled into one, you should approach Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan asap. Both the superstars are open to the idea of working together in movies again and are optimistic that the same will happen only if an intelligent writer writes a good script and patient director directs it with them on board. After coming together to host an awards segment, SRK and Salman gave a positive nod when asked about the prospects of working together again in movies. “It will happen someday for sure. Someone will cast us together,” said SRK.


Salman, on his part, said, “I need some good writer, someone intelligent who comes up with a good story, then yes.” To this SRK added, “And we need a patient director.” Salman agreed and said, “Very patient director.” When asked if they had any patient director in mind, Salman said, “We have but we won’t tell you. ” Well, we hope a Karan Arjun part two is soon scripted. The last time the actors starred together was in a movie called Hum Tumhare Hai Sanam. The warm chemistry between the two superstars was quite evident yesterday when SRK said Salman ought to be number one when it comes to the list of handsome men. Salman responded to this by saying, “SRK your number should be half which is above number one.”

Earlier in the evening SRK and Salman co-hosted a segment at Star Screen Awards and soon had everyone in splits with their wisecracks. Making it a point to highlight their strong friendship, the stars took ample digs at those who chose to add fuel to fire during their warring days by talking behind their backs about each other. Choosing friendship as the theme for their segment, SRK and Salman renewed their bond by joking about their past rivalry and declared that they were like brothers.

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