Rustom 14th Day Collection: 2 Weeks Performance on Indian Screens


Rustom 14 Days Box Office Collection

If one were laying bets on which of the 15 August weekend releases would be the bigger hit, smart money would have been on the Rs.100 crore epic with the famous director and composer, not the one about the 1959 court case. And yet, by the time the weekend was over, it was clear that Rustom, starring Akshay Kumar, was easily outperforming Mohenjo Daro, starring Hrithik Roshan. It’s kind of surprising Rustom was a hit at all. The film looked like it had been shot on a studio back lot. The soundtrack was unmemorable, the performances wildly variable, the direction competent at best (and, often, not even that). Estimates put its budget at half of Mohenjo Daro’s. But there’s one thing Rustom had that Mohenjo Daro didn’t: a star on the upswing. It opened big, and ended up crossing the Rs.100 crore-mark in nine days.


Rustom has received very positive reviews from viewers and from most of the critics also, it has got favorable comments. All the positive reactions generated strong word of mouth for it and emerged it as the third highest grossing movie of the year in just 11 days of release. Akshay Kumar is now has six movies which have raked more than 100 crores on domestic box office. In the opening week, Tinu Suresh Desai’s directorial witnessed terrific response and raked the business of 90.90 crores with 50.42 crores of weekend and 40.48 crores of weekdays. In its second weekend due to positive word of mouth.

Rustom recorded decent growth in its occupancy and registered the third highest 2nd weekend collection of the year so far with the amount of 17.12 crores including 4.41 crores of Friday, 5.77 crores of Saturday and 6.94 crores of Sunday. After the second weekend, total collection of the movie was recorded as 108.02 crores net from Indian screens and 32.34 crores from overseas market. Now it is running in weekdays and once again getting lesser audience in theaters.

On Monday with almost 45% of drop than last Friday, it did the business of 2.40 crores. With slight more drop, it minted 2.15 crores on Tuesday. On the next day i.e. Wednesday, it recorded almost similar and added the amount of 2.34 crore and 2.47 crore of Thursday. After 14 days, total collection of Rustom has become 117.01 crores on Indian box office. With this pace, it can easily take its domestic total over to 116 crores by this week.

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