Rangoon Review: See what Kareena said about Saif, Shahid, Kangana Film


Kareena Kapoor Khan Has Seen Rangoon

Rangoon has been creating a huge buzz ever since the trailer is out. Saif Ali Khan, Shahid Kapoor and Kangana Ranaut left us spellbound with their appearance in the trailer and since then we all are desperate to watch the film. Yesterday the makers hosted the special screening of the film, where Saif’s darling wifey Kareena Kapoor Khan made her presence and she couldn’t stop raving about the film.


Kareena said, “I am expecting it to be one of the films of the year coz it’s directed by one of my favourite directors Vishal Bhardwaj who made Omkara and people are expecting a lot from the film coz Saif was so good in that film, Saif as Langda Tyagi was one of the Saif’s role iconic role and now I think Rusi Billimoria his character in Rangoon is going to be very striking coz this is the first time he is playing a Parsi.

So yes I am very excited, also this film is very emotional for me coz it’s Sajid Nadiadwala’s film, Karisma did Judwaa with him and I did Kambakkt Ishq, I normally don’t come for trails , in fact Saif told me ‘ I am quite surprised you are going’. I said, “I have to go coz it’s you Vishal and Sajid’. She also added that in Vishal’s film negative character is more impactful, “I think in Vishal’s film the negative character is very striking most of the times. But in this film we have three stellar actors in the film.

Kangana Shahid and Saif, all three are going to superb and I want to see the competition between them and so they will give their best. And I expect nothing less from the three.” Bebo was asked who will win the heroine in the film Saif or Shahid, she has a broad smile on her face and said, “ I know the story coz I know the script, but let the audience see.” Well watch the video of Kareena raving about Rangoon right here and don’t forget to tell us how excited are you to watch the film.

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