Rajinikanth’s Introduction Scene from Kabali Leaked Online: Watch 2.01-minute long video

Rajinikanth’s Kabali goes Viral in whatsapp

The introductory scene of superstar Rajinikanth’s much-hyped movie “Kabali” was allegedly leaked online two days before its release in the theatre. The 2.01-minute-long video of director Pa. Ranjith’s film has gone viral in whatsapp. It was reported a couple of days ago that the full movie was leaked online and the links to watch “Kabali” online the full movie was circulated on Dark web. But it turned out to be a mere rumour after Kalaippuli S Thanu slammed the reports. “No leak. (These are) all rumours. We are taking all efforts to block these piracy sites,” the producer told IANS.


But now, we cannot deny the fact about the leak of the introductory scene of “Kabali.” The video, which is circulated on Whatsapp, opens with the scene featuring Rajinikanth sitting in a jail cell and reading YB Satyanarayana’s book “My Father Baliah.” He closes the book and walks out of the cell. While walking out he shakes hands with a prisoner in the adjacent cell. The fellow prisoner converation with Rajini shows that this video is the part of Tamil version of “Kabali.” The prison tells Rajini, “Rende maasam ne, ungalukaga naan minukku vanthu Nippen ne.”

The video features also English sub titles, which shows that it must have been leaked in a foreign country. The sub title reads, “Bro! Just two months. I’ll be out. I’ll still be there. My head for you. I will be there for you.” Along with other prisoners, he claps and bids good bye, as Rajinikanth walks silently towards the jailer. He uses his thumb for signature, which shows that Rajini is an illiterate in “Kabali.”

After completing the formalities of the jail, he takes off his jail dress (blue shirt and pant) and puts on his coat, suit and boots. He takes out his wallet and sees the photo of Radhika Apte in it. As he walks out of the jail, the officer, who is escorting him, says, “Naalu varusham ulla irunthirukanum, aanaa unga nalla neram seekiram vanthuteenga. Recent ah 40 per encounter athula 30 perukku mela thaan indiargal thaan. Tamil naala kettavan aayiduraan.”

The English sub title reads, “You’re fortunate to get out instead of being here till you die. Recently, 40 thugs were killed in an encounter. More than 30 were Tamilians. Any Tamilian is now branded a villain.”

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