Raees Trailer Review, Audience & Critics Response: Live Tweets Review

Raees Trailer is Out Now

“Ammi jaan kehti thi, koi dhanda chhota nahin hota. Aur dhande se badakoi dharm nai hota.” The trailer of Raees begins with this dialogue, and a shot of two boats engaged in the act of bringing illegal liquor into Gujarat. This is the handiwork of Raees Aslam (Shah Rukh Khan). In the very next scene, we see his “dhanda” is in trouble — it’s invited the scrutiny of a cop, played by Nawazuddin Sidduqi. Despite Raees’ protestations that the entrepreneurial spirit is something that’s part of the very air in Gujarat, and it cannot be stopped — the cop played by Nawaz doesn’t see it that way. For him, it’s a crime plain and simple, prohibited by the law in Gujarat.


The cop crushes bottles and bottles of spirit — Raees, however, is unfazed. We hear him explain his business philosophy: “Jo dhande ke liye sahi wo sahi; jo dhande ke liye galat, wo galat. Isse zyada kabhi socha nahin.” While Raees Aslam is trying to protect his business empire — or crime syndicate, as those in authority prefer to see it — he also has other things on his mind: Such as the gorgeous Mahira Khan, who has SRK’s Raees Aslam captivated by her sass. That’s the basic setting. You know that things are about to get a lot more complicated, and they do.

Even as SRK’s character battles a nemesis in Nawaz the cop, even getting him transferred, his troubles are piling up. There are rival criminals (or businessmen), those looking to encroach on his turf. And Raees’ rivals have come prepared to take him down with sufficient ammunition (quite literally). From here, the Raees trailer gives us a glimpse of the masala entertainer this one is bound to be: there’s plenty of action, drama and a song-and-dance number by Sunny Leone to liven up the proceedings.

The trailer makes for an exciting watch, so much so that by the time SRK aka Raees mouths his already iconic dialogue — “Baniye ka dimaag aur miyanbhai ki daring…” you’re primed for his next few words. And they hold out the promise fans have been excitedly waiting for: “Aa raha hoon.”

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