Raees Movie Dialogues by Shah Rukh Khan & Nawazuddin Siddiqui


Completed Dialogues from SRK’s Raees

Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees trailer is finally here. The Rahul Dholakia film has been awaited since the teaser came out. SRK plays Raees Alam aka Miyan Bhai in the film that is set in Gujarat before the prohibition set in. It is different from Shah Rukh’s films that bank on the aura of the superstar. It is all about King Khan stealing the show as Raees. We told you that Shah Rukh loved the script so much that he agreed after a single narration. The first teaser was unveiled on June 16, 2015 and since then we are waiting for the trailer.


It has been a long wait but now that it is finally here, we are totally amazed. Seriously, we have seeing it on loop and just taking a break coz we need to vent our thoughts about it. Obviously, it’s SRK but it’s the dialoguebaazi that does the trick and how…Here are our five favourite lines

Dhande se bada koi dharam nahi hota: The first line just sets the tone of the film. Raw, gritty and intense. And Shah Rukh Khan’s baritone is the icing on the cake. We love the visuals, which takes us back to the 80s when the world was much more real. And then comes the line. We know that we will see a grey character here and that is the most exciting thing. Whenever SRK does a slightly negative role, he hits it outta the park.

Gujarat Ke Haway Mein Vyapar Hai, Saans Toh Rok Loge Par Haway Ko Kaise Rokoge: A great tribute to the enterprising Gujaratis delivered by King Khan himself. While some might debate given the business Raees’ indulging in but there is no one who will deny that it puts across the sentiments of the state in a manner that’s filmi and philosophical at the same time.

Battery sala: This is the perfect line uttered by the gorgeous Mahira Khan. In this era when everything is so out in the open, Raees and his lady love spell raw chemistry just with their eyes. Just look at how SRK looks at her after she says it. You can just imagine what will happen next.

Zyada Udoge Kat Jaoge, Udne Ka Darr Hota Toh Phirki Pakadke Rehta: The dialogue is great but what steals the scene is the disgust, contempt and anger SRK conveys when he looks at Atul Kulkarni. Just check out that slight curl of the lip. We so love that snarl and edginess.

Saboot le aayeye le jayeye…Raees haazir hai: We feel this is the dialogue is that closest to what many perceive SRK as in real life. Charming yet cocky. Raees knows what awaits him but is sure that he’ll escape. He makes you root for him and how.

1. Ammi kehti thi,
Koi dhandha chota nahi hota,
Aur koi dhande se bada koi dharam nahi hota
Ab yahi mera kalma hai aur yehi mera mazhab

2. Baniye ka dimaag aur miya bhai ki daring

This one was shared by Rahul Dholakia a while back on twitter and we just had to add it here

3. Gussa shaitaan Ka Hunar hai, issliye haraam hai

And here are a few more than we can expect in the film

4. Bandook ki goli, aur miya bhai ki boli jab chalta hai na…
Dushman darta baad mein hai, Marta pehle hai

5. Hukumat wohi karta hai jiska dilon par raj hota hai…
Warna yun toh gali ke murge ke sir par bhi taj hota hai

6. Ammi jaan ne kaha tha,
Kabhi kisi ka dil mat todna…
Issliye dil ko chod kar sab kuch tod dala

7. Jungle mein sher se, aur seher mein Miyaan bhai se bach ke rehna
Sher toh sirf phaadte hai,
Miyaan bhai to chalte raste me hi gaad dete hai

8. Miyaan bhai ki pahunch Delhi se lekar Qabristaan tak hai…
Awaaz Dilli tak jati hai, aur dushman Qabristaan tak

9. Auron ki zameen khodoge toh usme mitti aur pathar milenge…
Humaari zameen khodoge toh usme se humaare dushmano ke kate hua sir milenge

10. Gujarat ke hawa mein vyapar hai,
Saans toh rok loge par hawa ko kaise rokoge

11. Zyada udoge kat jaoge,
Udne ka darr hota toh phirki pakadke rehta

12. Saboot le aayeye le jayeye…Raees haazir hai

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