Naagin 2 7 December 2016 Written Update (Full Episode)


Naagin 2 7 December 2017 Written Update

Shivangi (Mouni Roy) says she has kept a fast for Rocky and he says that she has made a joke out of traditions. She breaks her karvachauth fast after seeing the moon. When she bows down to touch his feet, he doesn’t react until Yamini (Sudha Chandran) tells him to bless her. Ruchika (Adaa Khan) is all tears and full of feelings of revenge when she sees this. Rocky makes her drink water and that’s how Shivangi breaks her fast. The others ask them to pose together for a couple photo and ask Rocky where is Shivangis gift. He says he doesn’t have anything Shivangi says she has a present for him. And takes out an Om locket.


She asks him to wear it and says it will give her the assurance that Shiv Ji is always protecting him. But he refuses. Later Shivangi cries and says to herself that she has finally got her love. Her mother appears and Shivangi tells her that Rocky is her true love. Her mother says that Rocky is her true love and to never leave him. Shivangi apologized and feels guilty that she doubted him. Her mother says that’s how a lot of love stories start.

Rudra (Kinshuk Mahajan) calls Shivangi and explains her that Rocky is a human and she is not. If she falls in love with him it will get difficult for her because she will lose her powers. He says love is a curse and she should focus on getting revenge from her mother’s killers. He asks her to choose between love and revenge and she chooses both. She says she will not fall in love with Rocky and lose her powers until she finds the sixth muderer.

In the hall room, Shivangi and Rudra see the sixth murderer and run after him. The siblings on the other hand try to convince Rocky to let o of his anger. And that’s when he sees Rudra and Shivangi together and he gets more furious. Ruchika is so angry that she wants to kill Shivangi right away. Meanwhile Shivangi and rudra follow the murderer till the storehouse where everything is dark. Rocky goes behind them too. The murderer stress at Shivangis father’s photo and she is confused what’s happening. Rudra and Shivangi get into the way and rocky is amazed how they suddenly disappeared

Shivangi and Rudra follow him into the maze and change their avatar. From human being to their snake avatar. They keep following the killer until he sees them from the corner of his eye. As he finally stops. Then kabalika appears and says that she had made a trap for Shivangi and Rudra and they fell prey to it. She then packs them into a box and takes them along. Rocky sees her and is left confused what she is doing there and where are Rudra and Shivangi.

Kapalika then plays a tune and she says with that she will get to really see who exactly are they. Rudra comes into his human form after listening to the tune but Shivangi doesn’t and Kapalika is left confused. Finally Shivangi is left with no.option than to reveal her true self. Kapalika says she knew that Shivangi is the real Naagin and Shivangi yells “I am a Naagin and you are a killer. You have killed my mom and now I will kill you.”

Kapalika says she will kill her but before that she will reveal her real self to her family. She atkaos them in a cobweb of sorts and disappears from there. Rocky sees a light shining in a cave and heads towards it. Inside he sees there’s some weird setup in the cave. Kapalika comes home and tells Yamini she has to say something to her. She tells her that Shivangi is the Naagin and she has proof. She says she and Rudra are in the cave in her captive. Yamini is not ready to believe it and says that she is out of her mind. They both decide to go to the cave together when Yamini realised her gardud kavach is missing. She goes to her room to get her locket. When she goes in the room, Shivangi is already in her room hiding there.

In the cave, Rocky is about to look up and that’s exactly when he gets an urgent call. He leaves. Shivangi and Rudra somehow manage to get rid of the cobweb and fall off on the ground. Shivangi says even though Kapalika has gone out to reveal the truth to everyone she won’t be able to do anything. Yamini is in the hall with everyone and Kapalika sees her. Shivangi goes there to handle the situation when Rocky holds her hand and tells her to stop playing with her feelings. He says he saw her going with Rudra and asks her to choose between Rudra and him. And he says if she wants Rudra then he wants divorce today itself.

Shivangi changes her avatar into Yamini and tells Kapalika that if they stay there for too log people will start doubting them so they head to the cave immediately. Kapalika and Yamini go to the cave and there’s nobody there. Kapalika is shocked and when Yamini turns into Shivangi. Shivangi comes into her real avatar Kapalika is stunned. She says that she killed her mother and today she will die. Kapalika says she is wearing the locket so then can do nothing and that’s when Naagin gets hold of her and kills her with a the power she has in a well-planned attack

ocky is angry with Shivangi and she tells her that he is fedup. That’s when Yamini comes and asks them whats happening. Shivangi tells her that Rocky isn’t ready to wear the OM locket and Yamini ensures that he wears it and warns him to never remove it. In the cave when Ruchika and Yamini enter they are looking for Kapalika. But they fail to find her. In the night when Rocky is sleeping Shivangi stares at him and thinks to herself how madly she is in love with him. Wile Rocky is asleep he accidentally holds her hand and she says “don’t go anywhere Shivangi I love you” in his sleep. And that’s how the episode ends.

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