MSG 2- The Messenger of God Teaser Review & Audience Response- Live Tweets


MSG 2 Teaser Review

Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan is back, and how! This baap of all godmen and godwomen (including Radhe Maa), who made his movie debut with MSG: The Messenger of God, now stars in the sequel of the movie titled MSG-2 The Messenger. The teaser of MSG-2 The Messenger is out and it is so astonishingly hilarious that you will laugh your heart out. The powers of MSG-2 The Messenger are such that it will put all superheroes to shame, including Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain America, and our very own Rajinikanth. MSG-2 The Messenger releases on September 18, 2015. Gurmeet Ram Rahim own this teaser is shared on his Twitter account. He also wrote, “#MSG2TeaserLaunch now ur wait is over !!!!!!!!”. 52 seconds in this video seem Ram Rahim actions. Speaking at the end of the teaser Ram Rahim also seem to have a dialogue. They’re saying, “risking their lives to save the lives of other levies. He Sant Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh ji man ‘. Gurmeet Ram Rahim and Jitu Aurora direction of the film’s release date has not been announced yet.


MSG 2 Teaser Audience Response

sonu insa ‏@ssoni6001
@Gurmeetramrahim #MSG2TeaserLaunch Tnkiew swt father g .Teser superb hv no wrds to do more praise of teaser n urs fyt paapa g.mja a gya.

savita insan ‏@insansimi7
@Gurmeetramrahim #MSG2TeaserLaunch pita g thank u alot

¥○gesh Verma Insan☆ ‏@yogeshvrm07
@Gurmeetramrahim #MSG2TeaserLaunch पापा जी अब MSG 2 का जादू भी सर चढ़ कर बोलेगा ये तोफा देने की लिये बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद love u

Meet Ki Beti Meeta ‏@Meeeeetaa
@Gurmeetramrahim #MSG2TeaserLaunch ho sake to aaj mere sabhi tweets jarur pdhna pitaji plz.

sonu singh ‏@insansonu36
@Gurmeetramrahim #MSG2TeaserLaunch papa g teaser of MSG 2 is mind blowing….. nd ur dressing style is charming

Ramesh Kumar ‏@rameshmehra791
Jab teaser hi itna majedar hai to film Kaisi hogi thank you Rock Star Guru Ji for this gift #MSG2TeaserLaunch

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