Loveshhuda HD Wallpapers, Images & Pictures- Ft. Girish Kumar & Navneet Dhillon

Loveshhuda Movie

The much awaited trailer of Loveshhuda, Girish Kumar’s new film, has finally released. The teaser of Loveshhuda had met with a good response, as it showed how the film handles one of the most common issues among today’s urban youth – s*x and one-night stands. Not just that, there is more complication in the life of Girish Kumar’s young character Gaurav Mehra in Loveshhuda – he is about to be getting married! Having had s*x with a stranger on his bachelor party, after booze and dance, he wonders who the girl is the next morning! Worse, he later falls for her and then doesn’t know if it’s a friendship, a fling or real romance with the woman! Girish Kumar is confused! Navneet Dhillon plays the naughty damsel Pooja Misra who has Girish hooked on to her.

From the trailer, it seems Loveshhuda by debutant director Vaibhav Misra will be a winner amongst the youngsters. It has their issues, their language and their look. But towards the end, it seems Loveshhuda will be a sob story, with the hero realising that he’s truly in love with the heroine, and that she has gone for good! We hope the film turns out to be less predictable. The movie releases on February 5, 2016. After the Trailer released many people are searching Girish Kumar & Naveet Kaur Dhillon Images & Pictures, So Here we have stills of Loveshhuda Movie Trailer, you can checkout!

Loveshhuda Movie Stills

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