Khaidi No 150 First Day, First Show Review by Audience & Response


Khaidi No 150 First Show Response

So the day that all the Megastar fans have been waiting for the last ten years is here. Chiranjeevi, the Boss of Telugu cinema is back on screen again with Khaidi No. 150. Apart from a couple of cameos, Chiranjeevi was not seen on big screen in a full length role after Shankardada Zindabad that was released in 2007. After a lot of hesitation, Chiranjeevi finally decided to come back on screen with Katthi remake. He chose a message oriented masala film for his re-entry and reliable VV Vinayak was roped in as the director. Not many were excited to know that Chiranjeevi was remaking Katthi. Even fans had little or no hopes on it.


But everything changed with the release of first single Ammadu Lets Do Kummudu and suddenly the hype around the film started to grow by the day. By the time of pre-release event the expectations skyrocketed and that has been reflecting on the bookings. All that Megastar needs to offer is a decent film and it can do wonders at the box office with this hype. Box Office Income brings to you the Dhruva experience and all the excitement of this gripping fare live via tweet review. Movie begins with prison scene. A prisoner wearing the blue shirt that is embossed with the number 150 escapes from jail. He is none other than Chiranjeevi. Super introduction for Megastar!

  • Chiranjeevi aka Kaththi Seenu, a thief, comes to Hyderabad. Ali character is introduced.
  • Time for Ratthaalu. Item song.
  • Chiru does his signature style Veena step.
  • Heroine Kajal and Chiru track is going on.
  • Brahmanandam as dobberman comes in the scene.
  • Time for another song. Sannajaji song. Beautifully shot. Slow dance steps.
  • The flashback episode of Shankar and the story of Neeruru village in Rayalaseema is being told. Movie is progressing on slow pace.
  • Interval bang comes on perfect note with the dialogue – “After break, Boss is back.”
  • First half of the movie is filled with mix of mass elements, dull comedy track, and interesting flashback episode.
  • Post interval. Another song. Me Me song
  • Kajal restricted to ocassional scenes or songs. All songs are shot richly in exotic locations.
  • Coin fight sequence.Best action scene in the film so far.
  • Dialogues about Chiranjeevi’s failure in political life and his retort get whistles.
  • Movie is progressing interestingly.
  • Ammadu Let’s Do Kummudu song. Mass steps.
  • Ram Charan joins the song. He did for Tammudu bit.
  • Movie is heading towards climax. Pre-climax sequence is happening.
  • Here comes an end. Review follows shortly.
  • Khaidi No 150 Crosses 1 Million Mark in USA. Boss Is Back.

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