Katamarayudu Review & Rating: Pawan Kalyan’s Film gets Positive response all over!


Pawan Kalyan’s Katamarayudu Movie Review

Rating:- 3/5

Director Kishore Kumar Pardasani’s Telugu movie Katamarayudu, starring Pawan Kalyan and Shruti Haasan, has received positive reviews and ratings from the audience, say it is power star’s show. Katamarayudu is an official remake of Ajith Kumar’s hit Tamil film Veeram. Director Kishore Kumar Pardasani has made certain changes in the script of the Telugu version of this action drama and added some commercial ingredients to suit the taste of the local audience.


The film revolves around the story of Katamarayudu (Pawan Kalyan), who is a brave person living with his four brothers in a village. Rayudu sacrifices his happiness for his brother, while they often get into fights and get bailed out by an advocate. The four brothers secretly fall in love with four girls and plan to marry them. They decide to make Rayudu fall in love with a girl (Shruti Haasan) in a bid to get their way cleared for their wedding.

The audience says that Katamarayudu has a routine and predictable story, but it is the interesting script that makes the film an entertaining watch. The first half of the film is slow and dragging and some romance and comedy scenes keep the viewers engaged. The second half is predictable and the climax is also stretched. Pawan Kalyan looks stunning in the get-up of a villager and he has delivered a wonderful performance, which is the highlight of Katamarayudu.

Shruti Haasan’s glamour and chemistry with the power star is another big attraction of the movie. Ali and Prudhviraj’s comic timing is good. Kamal Kamaraju, Ajay, Rao Ramesh, Nassar, Ayyappa P Sharma, Siva Balaji, Chaitanya Krishna, Tarun Arora, Pavitra Lokesh and Pradeep Rawat have done justice to their roles and they are also the assets of the movie, say the viewers.

Produced by Sharrath Marar, Katamarayudu has brilliant production values. Devi Sri Prasad’s songs and background score, Prasad Murella’s picturisation, Ram-Laxman’s action choreography and punchy dialogues are the attractions on the technical front, say the audience. We bring to you some viewers’ verdict on the film shared on Twitter. Here is the live update of Katamarayudu movie review by the audience:

Vamsi Shekar PRO: 1st half kevvu keka #Katamarayudu Powerstar @PawanKalyan power packed performance and the result is a blockbuster #KatamaRayudu….Hearty congrats to @nseplofficial and team. Love track,Hilarious comedy and powerful action sequences are an asset to @PawanKalyan’s #KatamaRayudu

Nekkanti‏ @UrsNekkanti: 1st Half Good. Comedy and Fights Work. 2nd Half Slow. Songs and Sentiment Scenes Boring. Overall, Just Average Film in Content #Katamarayudu

*****JACKY*****‏ @Jacky_Offl: #KATAMARAYUDUHungama Tender Rain Umbrella scene what mass kickass. Pawan speaks about caste slipper shot to caste fans. We are equal. #Katamarayudu Excellent first half. Love scene worked out well,. Comedy, sentiments & mass scenes for fans. Sure shot blockbuster Show over. Very very entertaining second half. Fight to save that little girl Climax of elevation scene Feast for fans.

Akshay Kumar‏ @Ajith_FC: #KatamaRayuduOnMarch24th First Half -Marana Mass dialogs Feast for fans, fight scenes superb anti. Box office champion. Winner #Katamarayudu 2nd half no dull moments.. Awesome songs… Jivvu Jivvu Andhra lo screens damage confirm. mass dance blockbuster

Tony Montana‏ @shashunk: Very good first half. Mix of masss and entertainment. Fights ooramasss #Katamarayudu Sec half parledu so far. Konni scenes comedy kummadu. Emo Emo now #katamarayudu Over amma. +ve: PK babu, mass fights, comedy. -ve: weak villains and strong Anup. Hitttu bomma… Masss lo pandaga.. 80cr min #KatamaRayudu

Gora‏ @gorabasha: Good First Half.. #KatamaRayudu #KatamaRayudu Below average movie with poor songs.PK and RaoRamesh saving grace. Lot better than SGS.. Rudraksha fight… Love scenes are highlight. BGM minus #KatamaRayudu

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