Kabali Total Budget & Screens: All Set to Releases on 22 July 2016

Kabali all set to release this Friday (22nd July)

Rajinikanth’s Kabali release date is July 22, and India Inc has created a history of sorts for the iconic actor by inking a number of deals that have never been tried before – no, not even Salman Khan has ventured down that road yet, but it is a definite money spinner and puts the actor concerned on a pedestal and makes him/her virtually omnipresent. And in this day and age of mass contact and making money in unheard of figures, corporates are hoping to cash in on Kabali, and thereby achieve several firsts In an innovative manner, showing they are on their toes as far as consumer preferences go, car retailers are putting up Rajinikanth’s Kabali branding on vehicles. In Tamil Nadu’s Hosur, Maruti Suzuki Swift cars are on offer with Kabali posters super-imposed on them.


Recognising and bowing before Rajinikanth’s Kabali wave, Findus India, a Chennai-based start-up, has given its staff a holiday on July 22. Not to be left behind, Bengaluru-based Opus Innovative Structural Solutions, has done the same. If there is something big happening on the streets, can Twitter be far behind? Of course not! Now, #KabaliLeaveLetter is trending as well. Malaysian tycoon Tony Fernandes’ AirAsia India jets changed their look completely and in fact donned Kabali colours in a striking manner. The passenger jets sported Kabali visuals on the fuselage.

And those who take up AirAsia’s Kabali offer, and take the special Bengaluru to Chennai flight on July 22, will be served a special Kabali meal.  Cadbury 5 Star, Emami, Amazon, ShopCJ and PVR Cinemas are also looking to milk this opportunity with linkages woven into their campaigns.  Precious metal too is on offer. The Muthoot Group will issue Rajinikanth’ Kabali look silver coins and pendants. The returns are big already – Kabali producers have earned Rs 40 crore via Rajinikanth brand association, padding up the total collections even before the film hits the screens.

And it is not that only the big corporates are lining up for a Kabali windfall, online platforms like Coveritup, or even small local shops too are putting in their money in Kabali to offer mugs and T-shirts with the film’s branding boldly placed on merchandise. With the smartphone by now ubiquitous, Bharti Airtel was the first off the blocks to launch exclusive products and services based around Kabali to make a big splash with the public. This includes Kabali branded SIM packs, recharge packs with unlimited 2G internet, and Kabali Hello Tunes.

Kabali budget is over Rs 100 crore; Rajinikanth is expected to power an estimated Rs 200 crore in earnings in just the first three days of its release. And “Kabali” is expected to release in over 4,000 screens* in the key national markets. Kabali trailer has been watched by over 25 million viewers. Kabali will hit theatres in the Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, US, France, and China. On the informal side, betting is rife that Kabali box office collections will surpass Rs 700 cr and become No. 1 movie in India.

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