Kabali Live Tweet Review – Getting Overall Positive Public Response

Kabali Movie Audience Review

With advance tickets for Kabali sold out for nearly all of the film’s first week in the theatres, fans who had been hoping to watch the first day first show (FDFS) were angered at being unable catch their idol, Rajinikanth, on the big screen. In Chennai, as some shows began at 4 am on Friday, 22 July, the anger among fans was apparent. While most Rajinikanth films begin with huge celebrations, this time, the mood was not as celebratory. Fans — who usually burst crackers or do the ‘paal-abhishekam’ to cutouts of the superstar were instead tearing down banners.


At Kasi theatre in Chennai, celebrations began at 4 am. But by 5 am, fans brought down Kabali banners as they were unable to get into the theatres. After all the buzz, Superstar Rajinikanth’s Kabali is finally in theatres. And fans, who have waited over two years to see their idol back on screen, have been driving the massive hype around the film. In Kabali, Rajinikanth plays an ageing crime boss who takes on the bad guys in Malaysia who have been oppressing the Tamil migrant community there.

His wife is played by Radhika Apte. Kabali opened in 4,000 screens all over the world on 22 July, Friday. It’s an unprecedented number — but then everything about this film has been, fittingly enough, super-sized. It has already made over Rs 200 cr in pre-release business through the sale of rights for the various other language versions (apart from Tamil, Kabali is releasing in Telugu, Hindi, Malay and Malayalam, with talks on for Thai and Chinese dubbings as well), music and satellite deals. It’s not been all smooth sailing — the film’s opening scene was leaked on Whatsapp, and it is believed illegal download links were available on the dark web.

However, Rajinikanth and his film have made it to the theatres and BoxOfficeIncome is bringing you all the updates from the first day first show of Kabali as they unfold. Rajinikanth‘s Kabali is one of the most anticipated films of the year and it just hit the screens a while back. Today you will see and hear nothing else apart from Kabali.

The film has created a huge buzz and people have been going crazy about the film since the past few weeks. People have taken holidays, bunked colleges, traveled to different cities and what not to see the film. The first few shows are over and to give you a brief idea of the response, we give to you what people are tweeting about the film. Here’s what the people had to say:

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