Jab Harry Met Sejal First Look: Stars Shah Rukh Khan and Anushka Sharma


SRK officially reveals the title to be Jab Harry Met Sejal

Shah Rukh Khan’s next release is Jab Harry Met Sejal. This will be the third time SRK will be teaming up with Anushka Sharma, and the first time with director Imitaz Ali. The title of the movie has had its fair share of rumours and speculations. The production of the movie began with by simply calling it “Production no. 52”, and then there were rumours that it is titled The Ring, Rehnuma, or even Raula at one point. We earlier told you that the movie has been titled Jab Harry Met Sejal,seems to be inspired by the popular romantic comedy When Harry Met Sally.

Jab Harry Met Sejal First Look
Jab Harry Met Sejal First Look: Stars Shah Rukh Khan & Anushka Sharma

Now, makers are inches closer to revealing the name officially, and the first step is a fresh poster featuring the two leads. The latest poster of the film has been shared by Anushka, on her Twitter handle, though it only reads half the title of the movie i.e. ‘Jab Harry’. Talking about the second poster of Jab Harry Met Sejal, this one has Anushka in the front being all goofy and weird, but cute and Shah Rukh is there right behind here, stealing pretty much all the focus from the actress.

I mean look at him – all dapper and handsome in a plain white shirt and blue denim. Thanks to the two open buttons of his shirt we also get a peek at the tattoo on his chest. We wonder what relevance it holds to his character, who BTW is called Harinder Singh Nehra aka Harry. And the mystery has been officially solved. Shah Rukh Khan has put an end to all speculations and has revealed the title to be Jab Harry Met Sejal. Quirky, right?

The title was revealed in two parts by the two leads of the film. While Anushka Sharma revealed the first two words of the title with a poster, SRK added the following two words with another poster. We all can take a deep breath that the mystery around the title has finally come to an end! The rumours and speculations kept us all worked up, for quite a few months!

The title seems to be inspired by the Hollywood romantic comedy When Harry Met Sally, which starred Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan in the lead roles. Jab Harry Met Sejal also reminds us of another Imtiaz Ali venture – Jab We Met. Seems like history is on it course to repeat itself. There was a hullabaloo around the title of Kareena Kapoor-Shahid Kapoor starrer as well.

Imtiaz finally went with Jab We Met after taking an opinion from the fans, and we all know what a big hit that movie was. The movie has been jointly produced by Gauri Khan and Imtiaz Ali. It has been shot across beautiful landscapes of Prague, Amsterdam, Lisbon and Budapest. Jab Harry Met Sejal is slated to release on August 4.

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