Hey Bro & Badmashiyaan 5th Fifth Day Collection – Tuesday Business Report

Hey Bro & Badmashiyaan Tuesday Box Office Collection

Hey Bro– One of the three movies releasing last Friday was Hey Bro. The movie had the known choreographer turned actor called Ganesh Acharya in the lead role. The movie, however, failed to impress anyone with low figures on its first day, which continued further for it. Hey Bro failed to have any audience to start and was reported with negative reviews. In fact, the film failed to have the right buzz for the film. In fact even the songs in it, which are seen doing better over the chart busters failed to attract the audience, making it a big bane over the box office. The film Hey Bro falls under comedy drama, which ironically turned out a big blow for the filmmaker. As per reports, Hey Bro 1st weekend box office collection tolled to around Rs.50 Lacs, which is the lowest figure in the list of films released this Friday. After a disastrous opening weekend film collected a negligible total of Rs.5 lakhs on its fifth day.

BadmashiyaanBadmashiyaan, a film sans face value and amateur script and handling, with exams season to contend with, adds to the year’s disaster list. The film had one of the poorest opening day with collections ranging around Rs 10 lakh, thereafter, any improvement was irrelevant. The film managed to collect just about Rs 40 lakh in its first weekend. Badmashiyaan closed at Rs 10 lacs at the domestic box office on its fifth day.

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