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So here we are, with the third edition of ‘Hate Story’. The first and second had varying encounters of done-against-victims and aggressors locked into a rage-revenge saga, the former catapulting Bengali siren Paoli Dam into Bollywood, the latter giving Sushant Singh a chance to show his skills at terrorising young women. This time around, two men circle each other over a prize. Wealthy businessman Aditya Dewan (Sharman Joshi) is all riled up when another richie-rich fella Saurav Singhania (Karan Singh Grover) makes him a lewd offer involving his, Aditya’s, luscious wife Siya (Zareen Khan). This point is stolen from a Hollywood movie, but never mind. Who cares about a bit of uncredited borrowing?


Which gives Karan Singh Grover a chance to run his eye up and down Zareen Khan, like the villains of yore, tongue lolling suggestively. I do not jest: this happens more than once. It tells us that Bollywood’s idea of an ‘erotic thriller’ is still stuck in some dark age template. The men gnash their teeth and growl. The women are all pneumatically curved out to there, allowing the camera to linger. There are bed bits with generous displays of slithering lingerie on chest-and-thigh, and surprisingly for a time when ‘boldness’ is being dealt with by archaic moral standards, lots of open mouth-and-tongue action.

We also get a double-dealing female employee (Daisy Shah) who shuttles between the two rivals on killer stilletoes, a greedy politician, ‘karodon rupaiye ki rishwat’, a couple of unnatural deaths, warring brothers, and faithful factotums. And oh, yes, a bomb and a plane and an explosion. Hate, sure. You can understand why someone would detest the person who wrongs them, though it’s hard to take a dialogue like “he’s a cunning vulgar rascal” seriously, and keep a straight face when even someone as competent as Joshi is spouting it. After, the short description many people who were waiting for the release became disheartened but now here’s a good news the full movie is available on the internet. You can search and have a look at it.

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