First Look & Trailer of Phillauri; Stars Diljit Dosanjh, Anushka Sharma, Suraj Sharma


Phillauri First poster is Out Now

Phillauri is a second film produced by Anushka Sharma’s home production after the critically acclaimed NH10 and boy, it surely looks promising from the start. While Anushka dropped the first trailer for the movie today, we got to see its first poster now and we are definitely impressed by the plot and Anushka’s portrayal in it. Anushka plays a bride in the film, albeit with a TWIST for she is a ghost! Yes. bhoot-pret, Anushka, and adorable Diljit Dosanjh! Now, who would want to miss this crazy concoction?


Well, many congrats to Anushka who is breaking barriers by bringing in some amaze content in mainstream movies. It will also be a delight to see Punjabi superstar Diljit Dosanjh in playing Anushka’s lover in the movie. Now, isn’t that rad? In the poster, we see Anushka in a bridal avatar and a positively SPOOKED Suraj Sharma. In the backdrop, there is Anushka and Dijit’s vintage love story playing out. The movie will have a big fat Punjabi wedding as its theme but only with a twist as the BRIDE is dead! oh yea, look out for the earnest performance by Suraj and Diljit will successfully manage to pull strings of your heart with his earnest and heartfelt appeal.

Those who don’t know, Anushka plays the ghost Shashi who is a friendly spirit and is here to tell her love story. It narrates the unique story of how it will take a crazy Punjabi wedding, rank strangers and more than a lifetime to complete a love story. Now, we really LOVE LOVE LOVE the trailer and the first poster too is pretty darn impressive. We just can’t wait for March 24 to watch the movie.

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