First 1st Day Collection of Roar Tiger of the Sunderbans- Box Office Income


Roar: Tigers of The Sunderbans 1st Day Box Office Business Worldwide

ROAR is a latest Bollywood film which is all set to release on 31 october. The film is set in Sundarban of west bengal, in this movie people will come to meet some new faces and some well known TV serial faces on the screen. Abinav Sukla plays the role of pundit and other caste members including Achint Kaur, Subrat Dutta, Ali Quli, Nora Fatehi and many other. The director of the movie Kamal Sadanah has chosen Sunderbans jungles to be the plot for the movie becuse of its terrifying beauty and existence of ROYAL BENGAL TIGERS. Roar took three years to get completed. people were in this rumors that roar is related with the movie ‘life of pie’. but the director dismissed all rumors ofroar being inspired by “Life Of Pie” and stated that movie was not there in the scene.

Kamal Sadanah is not only the director of the movie but also the associate writer of the movie along with Abiz Rizvi. he and Abiz Rizvi togehter has work on the movie ROAR. For the role of CHEENA in the movie roar the director saw his picture on bodybuilding and then he called him for the main lead role of cheenah. The ROAR movie is full of action, adventure, mystery and suspense. The whole team of ROAR and specially the director KAMAL SADANAH, MR. WATSON, THE HOLLYWOOD D.O.P AND ABIS is are expecting very high hopes with ROAR As making Roar is like a discovery of the forgotten land, and SUNDARBAN is a Amazon of India so the exception generally increses.

John Stewart has given the music in the movie roar. and people will good to know that they are going to see ALIA BHATT in a special song of the movie. The movie starts when when a photo journalist Uday comes to the jungle on an assignment and saves a white tiger cub from poachers and brings him to his home. However, the forest warden asks him to send the cab to her as villagers were in panic. The cub left but the royal Bengal tigress came to the village looking for the cub and killed Uday and took away his body. Pundit, brother of Uday who is the captain of commandos comes to the village and calls his commandos to rescue the body. The rest is his battle with the unknown to find the royal Bengal tigress.

Box Office Collection of Roar Movie

The story is around when someone is killed by a tiger every 10 days in the forests of the Sundarbans. The majority of attacks occur when fishermen leave their boats and step onto the canal bank at the forest edge. Yet, in the Sundarbans, there are also cases of unprovoked attacks. If this wasn’t bad enough, the cat might then go on to eat the body. This is the nightmare scenario: a tiger actively hunting people. expectations are very high with the movie roar sources says that salman khan unveiled the trailer of roar. The trailer of definitely thrills viewers by the fear of Tigers.

Roar takes the audience to a place where only a few men dare to enter. Roar is a story of a young photojournalist, Roar is the coming Bollywood thriller film directed by Kamal Sadanah. The film is basically based upon the Tigers of the ?Sundarbans? which is tigers sanctuary in India. Roar The Tigers of Sundarbans Official HD Trailer was unveiled by Salman Khan at an event. The film is slated to be released in the coming month of September, 2014. However, the film isn?t having the big names or any big production associated with it.

Peoples are eagerly waiting for ROAR as it is adventurous and actors has really worked hard for it and of course sunderban jungle beauty. The trailer of the film has been edited with some thrilling scenes shot on the tiger. There is presence of jungles, snakes, crocodiles and wild animals in the trailer. However, you can?t judge the film from the trailer alone, as the trailer is most of the times only thing to watch in film. Film will be releasing in the coming month expectations are very high so fingers are closed. we hope that ROAR will roar in the market.

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