Dangal Total Budget, Worldwide Screens & Pre-Release Earning by Selling Rights

OMG! Dangal has already recovered its cost of production?

A few days back, we revealed to you that Dangal has been made at a budget of Rs. 70 crore. Aamir Khan himself revealed this fact while talking to the media. He said, “I never expect my films to earn a lot. I just want people to like my films. These days people change the figures of a film’s earnings. But everyone in the industry knows the truth. I have never done that. You may remember Talaash earned Rs 95 crore. Had I wanted, I could have easily turned it into Rs. 100 crore. But I didn’t. Actually, we were expecting only Rs. 75 crore from that film. It was just a bonus that it earned Rs. 95 crore.


As for Dangal, its budget is nearly Rs. 70 crore. I am hopeful that the film will earn at least that much.” And now we hear the film has sold its satellite rights to Zee for Rs. 75 crore. Yes, you have read right. Dangal’s satellite rights has already been sold off which means this Aamir Khan film is already earning profits for its makers. And we are pretty sure it’s just the start. Dangal will close 2016 with a bang when it releases on December 23. It will be a big release occupying maximum number of screens. P.K. reportedly released in more than 4000 screens and we are pretty sure, Dangal too will release with equal number.

Given the holiday period it is releasing on, the film will definitely benefit from it. Aamir’s film on Christmas has been blockbusters and that’s exactly what the industry is expecting from this film as well. Dangal is a biopic on the Phogat family which has given this country some of the best women wrestlers. Aamir plays the patriarch of the family Mahavir Phogat who wanted his sons to fulfill his dream of becoming a champion wrestler.

But when he gets blessed with only daughters, he is almost left heartbroken. That’s when something happens and he realises that his daughters are no less. Since then, his mission in life was to turn his daughters into wrestlers that not only the country but the world can be proud of. The premise of the story is so inspirational it will immediately make you excited about the film. A country like India needs more such films as female foeticide is still the biggest social evil.

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