Dangal Day-Wise Collection: 2nd Weekend Box Office Report


Dangal Total Collection Till Date

Aamir Khan’s Dangal is creating history with each passing day at the box office. After the record breaking second Friday and second Saturday, Dangal has earned a record Rs 31.27 crore on its second Sunday, which is also its tenth day at the box office, taking the total to Rs 270.47 crore. This makes it the fifth highest grossing film of Bollywood, right behind Dhoom 3, Sultan, Bajrangi Bhaijaan and the biggest hit of Indian cinema, PK. Trade analyst Taran Adarsh tweeted the numbers, “#Dangal is SENSATIONAL in Weekend 2… [Week 2] Fri 18.59 cr, Sat 23.07 cr, Sun 31.27 cr. Total: ₹ 270.47 cr. India biz. FANTABULOUS!”


The film has been creating record since the day of its release. The film will cross the business of Sultan which is Rs 300 crore approx, most likely by the end of its week two. In fact trade expert Akshay Rathi (exhibitor and distributor) reveals to us exclusive that the movie will most likely hit the Rs 350 crore mark, “There is a great possibility that Dangal will touch the Rs 350 mark. The way it is roaring right now, it has a very good chance to do that. It has two weeks open for itself, so it is a happy zone for Dangal.”

The large credit of its success goes to Aamir Khan’s performance and the fact that the film has unanimous praise coming its way. Dangal apart from doing well in Hindi marks and global markets is also faring brilliant down South. In fact, it dominated the box office despite there being Tamil releases. Screen shows of the biopic have actually increased. Check out the day-wise collections of Dangal right here:

Day 129.78 Cr
Day 234.82 Cr
Day 342.41 Cr
Day 425.69 Cr
Day 523.09 Cr
Day 621.20 Cr
Day 720.29 Cr
Day 818.59 Cr
Day 923.07 Cr
Day 1032.04 Cr
Day 1113.45 Cr
Day 1210.46 Cr
Day 1309.23 Cr
Day 1409.12 Cr
Day 1506.66 Cr
Day 1610.80 Cr
Day 1714.33 Cr
Day 1804.35 Cr
Day 1904.03 Cr
Day 2003.21 Cr
Day 2102.97 Cr
Day 2201.94 Cr
Day 2304.06 Cr
Day 2404.25 Cr
Day 2501.37 Cr
Day 2601.27 Cr
Day 2701.16 Cr
Day 2801.04 Cr
Day 2901.19 Cr
Day 3002.10 Cr
Day 3102.83 Cr
Day 3200.94 Cr
Day 3301.01 Cr
Day 3400.24 Cr
Day 3500.54 Cr
Day 3600.28 Cr
Day 3700.41 Cr
Day 3800.50 Cr
Day 3900.17 Cr
Day 4000.15 Cr
Day 4100.15 Cr
Day 4200.13 Cr
Day 43 To 4901.02 Cr
Day 50 To 5600.43 Cr
Day 57 To 6300.19 Cr
Day 64 To 7000.05 Cr
Day 71 To 7700.02 Cr
Total387.38 Cr

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