Dangal 27th Day Collection: 4th Wednesday Business Report


Dangal 27 Days Total Collection

December’23 2017 saw the worldwide wide release of most anticipated movie named Dangal that hit the Indian box office with big bang. The film has a very wide release and audiences of many countries were waiting for this interesting and amazing Bollywood biggie from Aamir Khan after such a long span of time. The film has been appreciated by most of the audience due to many positive points about the film. Talking about viewer’s reviews about the movie until its 27th day we have come to know that other recent movie’s failure to capture a blockbuster level audience has somewhere led to extra demand for Dangal in non south dominated areas even in the later days somehow.


The film’s ensemble cast, featuring somewhat prominent names, has also helped appeal to adult crowds. So with these good points the film has shown a nice performance in overseas as well as in Indian cinemas until yesterday. Today being the 27th working day for this release, Dangal has revealed itself as a good entertainer and decent business maker in these many days. Opening of the film being fantastic worldwide now it is heading towards its ending days so obviously the business is going to be lesser than the earlier reports.

With a favorable audience response even after 26 days and Yesterday being a weekday, film has sum up total box office collection of 1.16 Crore yesterday. It is very interesting to see how much Dangal rakes in total in 1 month and set incomparable trending or remarkable business in the Bollywood releases in India. Well for now it is clear the film is sure to face downfall in collections till the business days come to end and next weekend arrives but still the performance is pretty enough.

The film has collected 373.91 crore so far and the indications are clear that the lifetime would be around the 380 crore milestone. Yes, the film is an All Time Blockbuster though one has to add that with nothing else playing well in theaters, Dangal actually had the stage wide open to make a serious dash towards the 400 crore mark.

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